The Lord says: Do NOT give up!


Somebody, you are currently facing strange enemies, and formidable, who have made you want to give up in the place where God has appointed you, but God sent me to tell you, do not give up, because those same enemies are your disguised testimony that you actually have a great destiny on this earth.

Some get to deal with cheap demons, while others must deal with powerful principalities.  It is all pegged on the greatness of your destiny.  When the devil wanted to deal with jesus, he sent no one else – but took up the job himself.  What you need to do is take that great warfare that you are currently facing as a compliment.  You are formidable enough to take on ruling powers.

God will never give His greatest battles to the weakest soldiers. No.  That it has come to you, is already a testimony of your ability to overcome them.  Therefore, do what Joshua and Caleb did: sit down and take your breakfast.  For they said of the giants in Canaan, “Do not fear the people of the land, for they are bread for us.”.

Take note: If you will ever win any battle in your life, it will first be in your mind.  So stop whining about how hard it has been for you, pull over a seat, sit down and have breakfast.  Smooth seas never made a skillful mariner, and a smooth life never made a formidable warrior for god.  The Word of God says that David ran towards Goliath the giant.

Listen Linda, listen…  David run towards the giant!  What are you running away from? Excuse me Elijah? What are you running away from?

And, what are you doing here?  Is this what god told you to do?  Do you know what the people of God overcame because the Spirit of God was with them?

One man taking on a thousand and killing all of them – with the jawbone of a donkey!  Ah, do you have the same spirit in you?

If you do, in which direction should you be headed?  Ah, God has sent me to you with this word: “My child, yield to My purposes for your life.”

Things getting tough does not mean that God is not there.  It means you need to trust Him to overcome this one too!   Hey, receive the grace to manifest the true heart of a champion, a giant slayer and a victor.

Raise your faith and take it now, in Jesus’ name!


~ Apostle Paul A Williams

Apostle Paul A WwilliamsApostle Paul A Williams
Apostolic Revival Church International, Nairobi



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