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The LORD says: “I will form New Rivers” — 1 Comment

  1. Peace & greetings….
    This is confirmation to what the Lord had me & my niece to do this past week.  I drove from Hit Springs Arkansas to Abingdon, VA.  The whole way declaring that Glory Catchers would arise, over each river I crossed.  I went to pick up my niece from FIRE Bible School in Charlotte NC.  On the way back May 22, Grace and Glory was released.  There is more to the prophetic journey I took from May 14-May 22 but wanted to thank y’all for sharing these prophetic excerpts….BTW-this is the first time I have been on your site.  My ex-husband sent me a link to the keys Facebook prophecy BC of something else the HS has been giving me.  The Kingdom of God is BEING ESTABLISHED NOW– PRAISE GOD.  Blessings to this ministry!

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