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The LORD’s Gift of Peace — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you sister June for sharing this encouraging message with us, I needed to hear it at this point in time. Praise God Most High.  Halleluyah Amen.

  2. I was asking and praying for the Shalom peace of God over a matter that has been lingering in my life for weeks now. I asked and my God gave me just that…and this word confirms it. Thank you precious woman of God for this. Always an ontime word being spoken through you when needed. God bless you and keep you.

    In Him,

  3. One word clearly stands out for me in this article: REST.
    To all who have been praying for me: A huge heartfelt Thank you !!! The night’s rest was good, and during today it is very calm. And yes, His will and declaration stands firm and secure, His will be done in heaven and on earth.

  4. One of the main ways God speaks to me and many others, I am sure, is through this Ministry, HisKingdomProphecy, especially through Ms. June, my sister in Yeshua Hamachiach. And every time I sense the Lord speak I turn to HKP and the word blesses me and is right on target. Only God…Only God….Only God…..Hallelujah! Thank you all my friends here on HKP. My gratitude to you and the Lord Yeshua Hamachiach! We shall all meet face to face one day, that day! Peace is Priceless, His Peace and not the world’s! Amen and Love you my Savior and Beautiful God!!

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