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  1. Thanks, God’s prophet, Deborah. Your words of God are so beautiful and powerful. It gives me new strength and joy. I receive this. I am waiting for His way, 2nd kilpatric turnpipe in my life. I will follow Him only regardless of any circumstances. He will give me victory. Hallelujah♥

  2. A few years back I was leading an inner-city ministry. I’ve been waiting for deliverance myself while in a Furnace of affliction. Our leaders were coming to a meeting I was to prepare for. I’d heard that in Texas, where they’re out of, they were having breakthrough after breakthrough!! I was so excited!! This had to be it…..it wasn’t it.
    The day after the meeting was a Sunday. I got up and with my head hung low I remained in obedience to the call and interceded, and then went for my walk. Even though my heart was broken I just kept uttering, “Yes and Thank You Lord.” On my walk I passed by a lady and wished her good morning and kept walking. A short distant later she came up behind me with the tune Good Good Father playing on her phone. She tapped me on the shoulder and held out her hand so I did as well. She placed a Monarch butterfly into my palm. The wings were broken and backwards, but it was beautiful. I tried handing it back but she said the Holy Spirit told her to pick it up and give it to that woman (me). We walked and cried as both of us shared our brokenness with each other, complete strangers. She hugged me goodbye with a comfort so beautiful I was completely undone.
    I put the dead butterfly into a glass vase and took it to Church where I shared the whole story. Afterward, I walked to my car when suddenly the wings on the butterfly turned, it jumped onto my hand and flew to the top of the tree. True story!!

    • what a wonderful wonderful story; it was a black swallowtail that came to my backyard after my husband had taken our dog to the pound…and somehow this event allowed me to go get our beautiful black sheltie back from the pound, miraculously.  He was shaking so badly. But we got him home.

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