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  1. Dear Bev, you truly hear accurately from the Lord. It is always a pleasure to read your dreams. Thank you for enlightening and clarifying the prophetic for the sake of the brethren. Many blessings to you in Jesus name.

  2. Amen. My take away and “give away” is “balance” and moving forward to the next that God has for us. The unction of the Holy One, caused me to think of Prov. 11:1, and a false “balance”- which is to weigh something falsely. How we “weigh” His Word to His people. Our God hates pride, false religion, and “works” oriented gospel, but our God is not angry – but He IS just.

    God bless the God-given vision, and God bless the woman of God sending the vision.

    • …perhaps I was distracted by the careful urge of Prov. 11:1, and “balance”, that I omitted to say thank you woman of God for this vision, that speaks in many ways for me, so succinctly.

  3. Joyce, BELOVED OF THE LORD, YES! The papers represented all the notes, scriptures, drawings, & more of all that she’s learned from the LORD! It reminded me of all the notes I have, all dated, so when I have to find something, it makes it a little easier. But no way I could keep them all under my arm! She is so blessed by the LORD, as are all those who give HIM everything they own & they are.

    No, I never saw her look back, she seemed so intent to get balanced & sit down, so they could take off! 

    I believe she was excited too for her future & the NEW the LORD was taking her to.

    Can’t wait to hear, when & where your new adventure with the LORD is!

    Thank you so much for responding! GOD BLESS YOU!  Bev

  4. Thank you sis. This is a confirmation to a dream I had 2 days ago which I interpreted by the spirit to mean a season of MANIFESTATION. I have books where i write down God’s word, revelations, prophetic dreams and dealings with me over the years and now. I believe it’s time to move out and forward. God bless you.

    • Success, Yes, all the notebooks & papers from years of taking notes, drawing pictures from dreams & visions, writing scriptures, & whatever else HE tells us is soooo IMPORTANT.

      Sometimes HE doesnt give interpretations right away, so its important to write it all down, so we can go back to it & add to it information needed to broaden our understanding. Sometimes it serves as reminders of what HE’S done / going to do in our lives.  GOD IS SO GOOD TO GIVE US WHAT WE NEED.

      Thank you so much for responding! GOD BLESS YOU! Bev

  5. Shalom amada. Em Zacarias 6, fala sobre 4 carruagens, 4 ventos do céu que saem da Presença do Senhor Deus de toda a terra para percorrerem a terra. Glória a Deus.
    Você consegue lembrar da cor dos cavalos?
    Obrigada por compartilhar.
    Deus a abençoe.

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “Shalom beloved. In Zechariah 6, it talks about 4 chariots, 4 winds from heaven that come out of the Presence of the Lord God from all the earth to travel the earth. Glory to God. Can you remember the color of the horses? Thanks for sharing. God bless her.” ]

    • Nilza, I LOVE the scripture you shared of Zechariah 6! Thank you so much!

      Yes, the horses were White now, a sign of GOD’S PURITY, earned through GOD’S GRACE & MERCY over time.  They had been Red Roans that turned to white over the years in their service to the LORD.  HE’S saying the red roan color was the sprinkling of the BLOOD OF JESUS that covered their lives from HIM. I’m glad you asked, as I hadn’t thought about it & HE just showed me & told me about it now. 

      Thank you so much for responding BELOVED!  GOD BLESS YOU! Bev

  6. Thanks for sharing this dream.  It really speaks to me as I’ve coming out of a long time of chronic illness and emotional trauma and feel God’s leading me into something new.  Far to much to type here but I can really identify with the trying to be in balance and glad Joyce mentioned about what wondered about the papers as I’ve been writing so much down over the years that I’m hopping to use.
    Been a Christian for many years but only now getting interested in the prophetic, it’s fascinating!

    • Kathryn, GOD has been watching you closely, BELOVED!  HE LOVES all the notes & everything you have kept to remind yourself of the lessons learned over the years.

      HE knows it hasn’t been easy, but HE has pulled you & others like you through, to become who & what you are today!  HE LOVES your tenacity in not giving up & continuing to push through to move forward by HIS GRACE & MERCY.

      The LORD is excited about your movement into the prophetic. There is so much to learn. Supernaturally I believe HE will take you on a “fast track” so you will know, learn, & understand things more quickly, for this time & season we are in. HE sees your heart.

      Do not fear what’s coming, but EMBRACE all that HE has for you. HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH!

      Thank you for responding. BLESSINGS!  Bev

      • Thank you so much for the encouragement, well it’s more like encouragement from God because you’re using words you could not have known would be relevant to me.  Thanks

  7. Thank you Bev for sharing this dream. It spoke volumes to me. Thank you for interpretaation. We must move forward!
    No where in the dream did it show the woman looking back like Lot’s wife.
    We surely must hold the Word most precious to us close to our hearts. The papers to me made me wonder if she had written down the things the Lord shared with her through revelatory knowledge maybe?
    Also the simpler times of the 1800’s made sense. Without the conveniences we can surely make it. I love you sis. Many blessings & prayers. Joyce ❤️

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