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  1. 1Corithians 12:11 – “as the Spirit wills” -Rom. 8:14 is the “take away” for me. Rom. 8:14. Most in generally, “flesh” vyes for control in the best of us, the great Apostle Paul knew this, but thanks be unto God for His grace and mercy – Paul was stirred w/the “special revelation knowledge” as he received the mystery of the Church as Christ’s body / God’s instrument to confound the wise and overthrow evil powers, before the Bible was written. Agree, there are NO elites w/divine knowledge. Nothing new under the sun/Son – The church of Colosse had mixed law and grace. You’ve given us a lot to consider in study woman of God. Thank you!  Jude 1:25

    • *clarity from previous comment: not to confused so called; “special knowledge” w/Supernatural wisdom and revelation knowledge given by the Holy Spirit in Eph. 1:17-19 Gnosticism as it was w/the church of Colosse was a mixture of Christianity, Jewish legalism, and pagan occultism. The delusion that rigorous self-discipline and so called “special knowledge to achieve “spiritual fullness”, stinks in the nostrils of God! The notion that humanity can “do” ANYthing, above and beyond what Jesus already did for is ludicrous! And God hates any doctrine Rev. 2:6, 14, 15 Acts 15:28,29 1 Cor. 10:27,29 that would nullify His GRACE bc Jesus is Grace and Truth. John 1:14

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