The Rebellious House


God required some things of his prophets in the Old Testament; things that many today, would not want to do.  I was thinking just now, how many people feel, that much of their writings, were in another dispensation, and do not apply to us today.  Much of it doesn’t, but much of it does too.

If you think about it, human behavior, has not even changed so much from those times.  There is still a tremendous lust for power and control, the accumulation of wealth and promotion of self.  The desire to follow after religion and men’s commandments, yet thrives.

Regardless of which side of Grace we live on, there is a parallel between the church of Christ’s time, and the church of today.  Let’s not quibble over terminology here; let’s just consider what God said to Ezekiel, about his own chosen people.

The Spirit told this man, that he had to go and tell this group, exactly what He wanted him to say.  In God’s words, “they are a rebellious nation that hath rebelled against me: they and their fathers have transgressed against me”  (Ezekiel 2:3).  He told the prophet, that these people were not going to hear him; but he was to tell them what God said anyway.  Perhaps someone should declare, that some things, haven’t changed that much.

There are those who still use the house of God to make money; and they yet set themselves up as total authority and reach for glory that does not belong to them.  They yearn for recognition and lofty seats; they promote their own and dare anyone to challenge them.

It’s quite likely, that there are just as many hypocrites in churches today, as there was back then.  I don’t like to harp on certain names, but there are the same Pharisee types.  The Spirit told Ezekiel clearly; “be not afraid of them, neither be afraid of their words, though briers and thorns be with thee, and thou dost dwell among scorpions”  (Ezekiel 2:6). Suggesting, that this is what you find, in a rebellious house.

If the prophets and prophetesses are going to be returned to the New Testament Church, as many believe they will, they need to be fully aware of what they might have to face.  Most likely, most have already had a taste of what happens when you confront rebellious folk, in what is called, the house of the Lord.  It’s hard not to be afraid.

If you have been gifted with discerning of spirits, you will see, just how harsh and cruel some people really are.  If you dare speak out to these folks, the looks you will get are terrible; they are.  The Word of God, speaks again today.  Don’t be afraid of them.  Again,  in Ezekiel 2:6 the scripture says, “Be not afraid of their words, nor be dismayed at their looks.”  God told Ezekiel twice, not to be afraid of their words.  Twice.

Many true prophets, were driven out of modern churches of today.  God knows how to deal with those who are not true prophets; those kind have also been around a long time.

People who live in and follow after the Spirit, will know them; those who don’t, will follow them, just as many are now.  You cannot suppress or destroy, what the Holy Spirit of God has set in motion in this hour.  The threshing floor has been purged before.  Jesus Christ, wants to reach every last soul He can, in these final days.

God have mercy, on anyone, that gets in His way; including me and you.  God will be behind those who are real; just as He was Elijah.  The rest, will wither.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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