The Secret of Walking in great Power


Somebody, I am here to speak to you about the secret of walking in great power.  To begin with, many people desire to walk in the power of God, but they are not willing to do what it will take for them to get there.

We must all learn from the example of the master, for right now He carries and walks in great power, as indeed the Word of God declares ‘all power in heaven and on earth’ has been given to Him.

He is most powerful!  Oh glory to God!  But where did Jesus begin from, and where must you start from to get to the place of power?

One word: humility.  Before you can learn to walk in the power of God, you must first learn to walk in humility and submission.

Before jesus became the lion of Judah, He had to first become Lamb of God.  Accepting to be led and ordered around is not easy, but the Bible declares that Jesus submitted to the Holy Ghost, being driven and ordered to assignments like a little child.  He could not, and did not, do anything He wanted by himself.

Now let us come to you.  Are you someone who is willing to be ordered?  Are you ready to be treated as a lamb before you become a lion?

Many people will say, ‘I am ready to be led by The Lord,’ and will follow him thoroughly to a good extent, because after all, ‘This is God!’  But I will submit this to you: until you are ready to be ordered and submitted to men whom God set over us, you are not ready for power.

Until you are ready to sit under and be led, you are not ready to stand and lead others.  Until you can submit under others, you are not ready for anyone to submit to you.  And I will also say this: the speed by which you will enter into the fullness of your destiny will be determined by your ability to stay under submission to those who have been appointed over you and to follow their instructions without a single complaint or any manner of grumbling.

Believe you me, God judges how fast he will elevate us by how we demonstrate our ability to humble ourselves not, ‘just to God.’,  But also to the men and women he has set in authority over us.  If you cannot submit yourself to men whom you can see, how can you claim submission to god whom you cannot see?  It is a lie!

The reason why God put you under an ‘imperfect’ earthly father and spiritual father is so that he may teach you obedience and submission to him.  He will watch closely how you will behave around these authorities.  For The Lord also said to me that He is ‘The chief Father’,  but that He has appointed all the ‘other fathers’ on the earth to act ‘in proxy’ for Him.

Know that God takes seriously how you respond to these ‘earthly fathers’.  It is to Him a yardstick to know how you will respond to Him.  Know also that at every point in your life, there will be given mentors, ‘father figures,’ whom God will bring into your life to help you into destiny.

Now, are you a submissive person?  Or do you just do ‘what you want’, when you want and how you want to?

Many people are delayed form destiny, because they simply cannot see how another person can be over them, but if you observe it in truth, before an earthly father can decide to grant you an inheritance, you must have demonstrated an ability to be a good son, or a good daughter.  Then a good inheritance will be divided to you, and a good blessing together with it.  Jesus was so good a son that the Father himself said of Him, ‘This is My beloved son in whom I AM well pleased’.

Because of His obedience and submission, Jesus received the greatest inheritance of all, for His Father put power and authority in the whole of heaven and earth at his feet.  He had qualified for the inheritance, qualified for the power and qualified for the glory.

Joshua also served Moses and qualified for an inheritance of the grace upon the prophet, and so did Elisha to Elijah, and Peter to Jesus.

My questions to you are:

Whom are you serving?

Can you be commanded?

Can you be rebuked?

Can you be corrected?

Can you be told ‘no’ and you accept ‘it is no’ without grumbling?

Can you be still even though you have ‘some very good ideas’ in your mind?

You see, your next promotion will only come when you complete and pass your last test.  But many people fail miserably at the ‘submission test’ and as a result end up never attaining to their destinies.

God knew that we would feel like ‘not submitting’ and therefore deliberately set the blessing in the hands of the ‘fathers and mothers’ he put in our lives.  When they bless, the father in heaven establishes it, and when they curse [only rightfully], the chief father will also back them up.

The faster you learn how to be a lamb will determine how fast you will also rise to be a lion.  In just 3 years, jesus had completed his tests and qualified to be given the title of ‘the lion of the tribe of Judah’.

Now, go and learn this thing: graces are inherited, wealth is inherited, and ‘the blessing’ is inherited; but before they are inherited, they are worked for and proved to be deserved.  In this year, don’t be the person who will fail in being a lamb.

It will require you to look like a fool for a while; it will require you to ‘do things which feel like beneath you’ [which is humility]; it will require you to be led and commanded to things which you don’t want to do, but it will eventually bring you to the qualified place where you will both inherit and also walk in great power.

As God’s anointed vessel of this hour, I declare you shall not miss your moment; I declare you shall not fail your test; I declare you shall not leave your place of blessing, and I declare you shall come into the fullness of your divinely ordained inheritance!

Hey, receive the grace to go from Lamb to Lion in 2016, in jesus name!


~ Apostle Paul A Williams

Apostle Paul A WwilliamsApostle Paul A Williams
Apostolic Revival Church International, Nairobi



The Secret of Walking in great Power — 2 Comments

  1. With all respect, each child of God needs to recognize who is (besides the Holy spirit) their ‘spiritual mentor’, but, the problem is not in the body of Christ
    that the members not ‘submit to their leaders’, which they rather to often does, the great problem is that the ‘sheep’ submit leaders who have taken themselves authority which is not given them by the Holy spirit, and the ‘sheep’, who not walks in the Spirit are unable to discern this.
    The secret to walk in ‘power’ is to obey the Holy Spirit not man and this is also what causes the spirit filled believers most suffering through persecution from other ‘body members’.
    “This is the covenant that I will make… they shall NOT teach each his neighbour, and each his brother, saying, Know thou the Lord, because they shall all (through the Holy spirit, the Spirit of truth) know Me from the small one of them unto the great one of them,” Hebrews 8:10-11.
    “and Jesus having called them near, said, `Ye have known that the rulers of the nations do exercise lordship over them, and those great do exercise authority over them but NOT SO shall it be among you, but whoever may will among you to become great, let him be your ministrant and whoever may will among you to be first (leader, pastor), let him be your servant,” Matthew.20:25-27.

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