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The Significance of the Revelation 12 Sign — 7 Comments

  1. Dear Elizabeth Marie,
    The end of the short time (Rev 12:11-12) has begun. But keep in mind, the beginning of Satan’s time on Earth goes back at least to the 18th Century AD. Satan’s end will take a few years. Let us join in prayer and help our people.

    PS: Yes, it is me, Elisabeth as previously.

  2. Thank you Elizabeth! A few days ago I was stuck on that same scripture and wondered if it had happened as yet, trying to understand the piece about the woman. I revert my focus to my destiny, and look what God did. HKP is my daily paper.

  3. A few days before 23.09.2017 an astronomer/astrologer made a presentation about this phenomenon on you tube(? maybe)and on 24.09.2017 Merkel, one of the diabolical angels got elected into the Federal parliament in Berlin for what became her last term in power as head of Administration.
    They know that their intentions will be thwarted and have accelerated their devious operations to install their evil system in Germany and Austria first as was their declared plan ( they publish their intentions)

    • Just now my attention has been drawn to the evening in September 2017 again when we watched above quoted lecture. This man explicitly connected the celestial sign with Germany. This includes Austria – first Prussia rejected a union with Habsburg : Protestant Prussia feared a Catholic majority and did not feel comfortable with the vast non German Habsburg dominionsThey indeed became the dynamite of WW1to break the natural German Austrian union. I was given a while ago that the assassin of the heir to the throne in Vienna was paid- the masters of war were and are across the waters. Their plan to establish their dominion over us and our planet reaches back to Henry VIII who wanted to become German Emperor!!. Instead his daughter Elizabeth I started the new business model of robbery and theft which is still the thriving motor of this dragon, of Babylon.

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