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The State of the Church in America — 3 Comments

  1. Hello Mena Lee,
    Thank you for your message on the topic of Halloween. We recently moved and found a church to attend and be part of. I noticed how asleep the church is in the preaching of Gods Word but also in the compromising of keeping halloween as a “Fall Festival”.  I spoke to the pastor about this and asked them not to participate in such a day that has nothing to do with God. I also told him about an incident last year of what my daughter and I saw on stage of the Elevator Church we were visiting. It was the day after halloween. They presented a horror made video related to this day before the presentation of the young adults plus the assistant pastor dancing with dreadful costums to the music “Thriller” from Michael Jackson. I was so shocked beyond belief. I never went back there again. Sometimes I feel that there are so few of us true christians that I find it difficult to speak spiritual conversations with others.
    We appreciate your candid way of speaking to everyone and pray for you and your family. Continue to do a great work for the Lord and know that there are a few of us that understand fully what you are saying and how Christ wants a pure and holy people !
    Thanks again Mena,

  2. They took The Baby Jesus out of Christmas, and they tell God’s children that Santa comes with reindeer, to give them gifts, instead of the truth that the Magi brought their gifts to Jesus, The Kings of Kings. 
    They took Jesus Resurrection Day and tell God’s children the Easter bunny brings eggs and candy, and children grow to BELIEVE in these lies Lord Jesus Have Mercy, give us Your Grace Lord Jesus, to repent. Purge us of evil !
    Save us from our fleshly desires and ways, help us Lord Jesus, or we perish
    Give us Your Grace, Lord Jesus, to surrender to Your Will now and forever
    Thank you Mena for calling to Christians to stop celebrating days given to the devil. 
    Dressing God’s children up as demons and witches. Mercy ! 
    I pray for God to bless us with His eyes to see and His ears to hear Him, always !
    As for me, I will serve The Lord Jesus Christ !

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