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The Stone, and A Prophetic Warning for The UK! (Updated) — 26 Comments

  1. Dear God…please remove the stony hearts of the royal family.  Draw them all under your wings, let them not take Christian oaths to you Lord God.
    Millions will be watching.  Have your way Lord.  You are the One and Only King.  All else is phoney, make believe.

  2. I am standing and believing for Charles Coronation to be interrupted. Gods Justice to flow and for many lives to be spared
    Time for souls to be saved!
    God has a plan agreeing with heaven for England and Great Britain to be saved.
    I love your ministry and what you hear from God.

  3. A tv commentator said that the coronation represents the monarch making a ‘marriage’ vow/oath to be faithful to the country.  Charles is an adulterer who was unfaithful to his wife…  Those who are faithful in small things?  A number of years ago, he stood before the EU and said that the UK should give over more power to them. Did the stone not split when it was taken back to Scotland? To Tomsk. Many Scots feel that the union was foisted on them too. I have noticed a lot of English nationalist sentiment expressed by comments on here.

  4. God doesn’t suffer traitors to sit long on British thrones. Just look at charles the 1st. His treasonous act was to employ foreign powers to kill his own people. I wonder if the association with the WEF is his employ of foreign powers. God doesn’t want Charles to be king of the British isles.. As daft as that sounds recent events have clearly been exposed the activities and the openness of the iniquity that the association with foreign powers and agents impacted current events. God may forgive Charles if he comes clean and admits it but will his fellow sovereign people who he is meant to be first among?

    • But at the same time He gives nations godless leaders as part of a judgement against them or before destruction. Charlie is not a leader per say as a constitutional monarch but he has much influence and will no doubt continue to peddle is WEF agenda trash, the hidden in plain sight symbol so plain to see in the Charles head on our coins certainly announces this. Veronika recently prophesied the separation of Scotland from the UK or thats what I took it to mean. Our union is only a mere 300 years old, England long existed before this union was forced upon us. I doubt Charles will be king for long but sadly his boy Willy Bean seems intent on following this agenda to. We are to pray for our leaders, only God Himself can take one down the Damascus Road. May Charlie and his boy find their way upon it.


  6. “ your old men will dream dreams “ Joel 2 v 28. I am 74 next month !
    I had a vivid dream about 2 years ago. In this dream I was talking to my Uncle Robert ( we called him Bob ) and we were reminiscing about a family dog called Bruce. A few days later I was listening to a podcast by Sheila Holm who has been a warrior and author for God and she was talking about how Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, would become relevant in the future. Then I was lead to understand that the Stone of Destiny or Scone was possibly the original Stone or Pillow/Pillar of Jacob and how at the time of the Babylonian exile that Jeremiah secreted not only the Ark of the Covenant but also the Stone of Jacob and the two daughters of Zedekiah Tea Tephe and Scota (Scotland??) and they escaped via Egypt and eventually landed in Ireland where the Stone was used for weddings and coronations it eventually was loaned to the Scots and Robert the Bruce would have been anointed upon it. Then eventually Edward 1st seized it and took it to London then in 1950 it was Liberated by 4 students and replaced with a facsimile made of Scottish SANDstone. Queen Elizabeth 2nd never received the Divine Blessing as she was Coronated on the fake one. The REAL STONE I believe, is still secreted somewhere in Scotland

    • Interesting Kevin and Wildhorse that you should both relate that the true stone is hidden.It reminds me of how Joseph was hidden until the time of his revealing. I connect this to the Blessing that Jacob gave to Joseph in Genesis 49. Verse 24 states, “…from thence is The Shepherd, the Stone of Israel.”

      • My family clan ancestors were of the Dal riata. They brought it over to Alba. See the original Scota, Meritaten, had intended to come to Alba but was initially defeated.
        Now the surname O’Niall and O’Neil variants, means “of the Nile”.
        Robert the Bruce had a brother, Niall. So he was of this Nile heritage line which is why Robert was passionate about Scotland and Ireland uniting again.
        He will be prominent again in times to come. Now do I state what God said to me in 2016, on the site of where the stone was brought over to?
        No best not.
        But Akhenaten and his vision of God being as gold and as bright as the sun, was an attempt to bring in the One True God we know into Egypt, which is why he was killed and his wife fled and the old gods revered as old.

        Ankhesenpaaten and Tutankhaten (not his real name but hey…) their plan was to escape Egypt as their lives were in danger for wanting to bring back the One true God. Meritaten was in Ireland and they were to head to Alba. Didn’t happen.
        But one day, the Stone of Jacob did make it and the land became of God.

        • How very interesting! Came across this today in some genealogical research.

          When Scotland Was Jewish
          By Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman, Donald N. Yates · 2013
          DNA Evidence, Archeology, Analysis of Migrations, and Public and Family Records Show Twelfth Century Semitic Roots

  7. The Stone of Destiny is hidden in Scotland. It will be released for the Aird Ri Iosa (High King Yeshua who is already King of Scotland)

  8. On the 15/9/22 I woke suddenly in the middle of the night after a dream where I heard the words ‘King Charles will be exposed’ very clearly. It was a strange experience.

  9. Veronika,
    This morning I felt to write into my songbook the following song,
    ” I lift my hands to the coming King –
    TO THE GREAT I AM. To YOU I sing!
    For YOUR the One who reigns – within my heart.”

    This is the King His nation must look to!
    Open up ye gates that the King of Glory may come in – and take HIS throne!


    • You beat me to it. Yes, Chris Reed also received from the Lord about the stone of scone. Also, according to Julie Green, Charles will not be crowned King on the Coronation. Precious is the word of the Lord.

      • If you look at a very old prophecy given by Kim Clement.  It seems to indicate that Charles would not be king but his son William would be in his stead. I stand corrected if this isn’t true.

          • I had heard what Stella has said about Prince William. I feel we should pray fervently for Prince William to be born again and the truth revealed to him.
            The timing for all of this is with God.
            God’s will be done on earth as it is In Heaven.
            Pray also for the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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