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  1. Sister Mena, thank you for sharing this vision. It saddens me how you got mocked here in some comments. The “political correct” religious system prefers mocking godly dreams and warnings in the midst of chaos and danger, as IT IS WRITTEN that in the last days they doubt and arrogantly provoke and blame true prophets. Be comforted, dear sister. Read once again SERMON ON THE MOUNT.

  2. I would ask that you go back to God with this message and ask Him what is His answer. Prophecy is for building up the church as it says in the New Testament and even in words of discipline, love and hope come through. I humbly say I do not see this with this word that is why I encourage you to go back to God and ask Him what is His plan and strategy to bring hope and build up the church at this time… be blessed…

    • Amen in total agreement with this word to be tested with scriptures and to build up each one in The Most Holy Faith Amen

    • Amen in total agreement with this word to be tested with scriptures and to build up each one in The Most Holy Faith Amen .

      • Perfect. Over ten years ago, the Lord said to me that there is coming a time when He would raise up a new generation of people who would move from house to house teaching the word of God with no pay. He talked about tents and He covering His people as He brought a revival that would shake all of society. Am not even American but I assure you, He raised me up on a very high mountain and showed me His church, not as big building, but as many ignited lamps all over the land. Recently, I have seen a growing light in homes as God’s people break free of the sinful, confused and compromised institutional churches…….

  3. Wow,this is amazing! I was watching a video on YouTube with you talking and decided to check out your Website. I was excited to you that your church is in Charlotte because I live in Greensboro NC. I saw a tent revival about a week or two ago and You are definitely correct about the increased demonic activity. I pray that God uses you mighty for the upbuilding of his kingdom.

    • Chuck pierce who seen all this coved 19 take place last summer and warned the body through out the earth in many different churches has not spoken of such disasters to come on this area but of yes of a Great Revival and in stadiums and so because churches you say shut , tent meetings just the same restrictions so that does not line up , as many have said psalm 30v5 and a great Revival to come as Veronika West on this site also says similar to chuck pierce in the USA and The UK and around the world as the vovid is Global so shall be The Revival and some have said and many around the world are crying out for healing as 2 chron 7v14 are doing especially in the America’s and in USA a National Day of Prayer ,Heaven has heard and will answer with a Glibal Revival sonlook up and not down and be in the Scriptures and listen as to what The Spirit is saying to the churches at this hour , There is The Greatest Revival at Hand like was said after Bolly Graham’s passing as that seed died it will bear much Fruit and it will…. The Best is Still Yet to come Amen and Amen

  4. The LORD gave me multiple Scripture dreams two months in a row from April through June on “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:(1 Peter 5:8) and various dreams of earthquakes, tsunami, WAR on USA, RUSSIA, China or N. Korea, Lion From the Tribe of Judah DESCENDING FROM HEAVEN all of these dreams were back to back…week to week and month to month apart…Thank you Sister!

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