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The Teacher is Always Silent During the Test! — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Dana for this word. It’s one more confirmation. The Lord gave me that exact scripture (Gen 22:14) and encouraging word last week. To all you wrestlers out there, the Lord told me His favor rests on those who value and are willing to contend for the birthrite for which He paid so dearly. Blessings!

  2. Your head line brought me here, because during the past 2 weeks I experienced that situation in 2 final exams. The teachers remained silent during the tests, the room was filled with heavy tension. The only words the teacher spoke, were sometimes the minutes counted backwards, telling how much time is left to finish.
    Sister Dana, what a precious article, what a precious comfort and encouragement you have posted today, as always, but today it is special. I want to thank you, too. Stay blessed, dear sister.

  3. Thanks for the great teachings. It’s very encouraging for this time and season for me. We all need reminders, to help us keep the faith, from time to time. Especially when the Lord is silent. God bless!

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