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  1. I had a similar dream Mr. Dewey, about 5 years ago.
    We were in our tiny building in our inner city ministry group in downtown Minneapolis and I was teaching a group of ladies who were at first sitting at school room desks. They were undisciplined to say the least, and I was being led to demand the order and complete obedience that was imperative for what we were about to experience.
    In the next scene I was in a larger building standing at a podium and each time I looked up the crowd doubled and trippled and quadrupled until it was just as you said, not even standing room left. And I said “we will break off into groups.” There were mostly women and children, and a small African American child asked me what we should discuss, the Holy Spirit spoke through to him that we’re to discuss the spirit of comparison and competition that’s infested, infected and divided His children….
    This will not be in our own strength but completely by the Power of His Spirit, we’ve nothing to worry about, He’s got this.
    He’s prepared in the Desert a Holy and Righteous Remnant who have turned from the “less than flesh” to His “Best Than Spirit”
    Oh praise Him Mr. Dewey!! Hallelujah!!
    He will do it!!!
    God bless you Mr. Dewey!! :)

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