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The Third Prayer Watch — 4 Comments

  1. Happy to see people still reading this wonderful blog recently. It’s late in the day and the no doubt the LORD is ready to return for HIS people. We also have the – https://torahcalendar.com/ confirming the timing, along with the promised book of truth now open to us (mostly daniel11truth. Even more with Sister Sabine sharing her insights. We’re praying all the time – even to “be still and know” while waiting for our MASTER. Thanks,

  2. God Bless you and your profound ministry

    My comment
    How can i get started praying during the watch times of targeted prayer
    I want to increase in My prayer life

  3. How do I start to pray the 3rd watch prayer hes always waking me up between the hours of 1230 – 2. I wanna learn more so I know what I need to be praying for.

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