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The Wait Is Not In Vain — 8 Comments

  1. HALLELUJAH AND GLORY TO GOD! CONFIRMATION FOR ME IN EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE! Holy Spirit gave the word DISPLAY TODAY!!!  YES LORD – No More Delay! As God displays in grandeur through Me as I will be recognized as a sign and wonder among friends and accuser of the brethren!  THE WAIT HAS BEEN SO LONG BUT- IT HAS NOT BEEN IN VAIN! GLORY TO GOD!

  2. I just love this word from the lord and trust it’s fulfillment in my life. Thank you hand maid of the lord, your beautiful smile is so refreshing. God bless you and your family for your faithfulness in releasing timely messages to us.

  3. I am very thankful for the word today! It puts wind back into my sails! It will be good to see this journey come to an end. I have been looking for the Promiseland for a long time.

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