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  1. Oh my, I don’t even know how to say Thank-You for this post.
    You were able to capture the essence of what I’be been going through for quite some time. I haven’t been able to even understand the why of the events that have taken place. I’ve often felt as though my flaws and failures have prevented me from moving forward into the call that God has on my life. God knows that I love him but, I haven’t been able to get where I’m supposed to be . My husband and I haven’t been on one accord in the direction of the Kingdom work God has in store. I wait because we’ve gone in separate directions before and ended up in disaster!
    I ask that those reading would pray that we become One! He feels that he missed out on what God has because we’re older and the enemy has said it’s too late. I don’t know how to assure him that God is sovereign! He alone is God and God alone!
    After leaving a ministry because he felt there was no place for him.. I’m feeling like a wandering child without knowing the place for us ..Together.
    I’m really in the Waiting Room!

  2. Thank you dear sister for sharing this crucial message.
    I knew it all along, but its like my faith was going down, now the message has come alive again…
    Blessed be the name of the Lord.

  3. I’m in that Waiting Room also with you. I’m expecting Greatness, Big, Huge, Abundant Blessings, to knock my socks off Glory to God, for indeed so as he has declared it unto me, for I have High Expectations, Ready to burst forward any day now, into my Now Moment. Hallelujah !!! Bless you my sis for sharing the Father’s heart.

  4. May the Lord bless you, Sister Dana, for posting the article. It is very difficult waiting, and it is what we do in the “waiting.” I have really been challenged in many ways in the thinking process, and this is where Focus, Hope and Trust come in! I am grateful to our Heavenly Father in teaching us, me rather, while we wait! Though He tarry, He will appear!

  5. I’ve dreamed and saw a row of many locked windows dreamed of waiting in line at a stage show person at window handed me a ticket and I wondered why it was taking so long the doors were closed .He said because they are taking names now and before they weren’t I believe God is setting the stage for the greatest show on earth and those that have been waiting are going to be given ‘the ticket’ those that have been not only called but choosen The wait and the pain will be worth it I saw a big stone fireplace and a man angry having to break it down behind it was a framework for a door. I believe God is making the enemy tear down his strongholds and lies that has hidden or blinded us from seeing the doors to begin with and the enemy is angry and scared This seemingly endless onslaught of the enemy for some I consider it to be his last kick at the can , his farewell party and his parting gifts.He has lost and he knows it!  I am excited and this is coming from someone who’s health right now is held together by God and a lot of meds in need of finances and whos son is in intensive care who God miracacouly saved his life and mine.  thank you Jesus

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