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This Is Just the Battle Before Your Breakthrough! — 4 Comments

  1. All these words speak so much to me as they directly address several of His promises to me and what He is doing.  I have received confirmations from several sources today and this caps it off.
    God bless and keep you!

  2. Sister, shalom!

    I come in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and i confess He came to earth as a man in the flesh.

    Please refrain from second guessing My Word! Like an author at a book signing, I sit and wait for you to come to Me and ask Me why i wrote what I wrote! My Spirit is One with yours. (JOHN 17) DO NOT FEAR LITTLE FLOCK IT IS MY GOOD PLEASURE TO GIVE YOU THE KINGDOM! Your only confidence is in Jesus. You hear His voice and wont follow a strangers! He only speaks Spirit and life! His Words are alive. Creating future events. We exist outside of time and space. All is in subjection to us! The very atmosphere around you must submit to the authority of My Spirit in you. You will overcome because your victory is FINISHED. I love you daughter. Trust My process.
    Daddy Yahweh

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