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“This is Your Labor Room Month,” Says God! — 6 Comments

  1. This month has been significant, i suppose it has been something im focusing on this month particularly having things happeen that have been helpful too, because of knowing some prophecies like this have said something like you have about it.
    some spiritual inner healing thats happened has stood out to me. one even happened tonight where i prayed about something, that healed me of a subconscious fear based mind control program.

    it changed, how i feel inside my brain and body, and ive noticed a change in my person too. its like the program had a great effect in how i was thinking regularly, about certain things. it had been bothering me for years this particular thing.

    i learnt to pray about things like this, by praying in intercession for another person or people in general, no one i knew, i was praying about what i was experiencing, but i was focusing on others instead.

    its been a great help in other things praying like this, and Ive found much change and peace in doing this type of intercession.

    i could say a lot about these kind of things. there is so much I want to share with you and others about whats happening in my life, i hope to write a book about it all, and I’m in the process of it.

  2. Pray for Boris, sent him an email and advised him to pray and seek God for help and to ask the people to support him. Told him to pray like his life depended on it. Everyone please pray for him now, he needs God’s help to birth this.

  3. Wooooooooooooooooow Veronika great woman of God I couldn’t hold my comments this time. I’ve been following your posts since I listened to your YouTube video regarding Brexit and it is awesome to see how the Spirit of God is using you. You’re a blessing to the body of Christ and the world. This Word you’ve just given today 5th September is so on point I couldn’t hold my comments. It confirms what God showed me and what He has also said through other prophetic people and may God bless you for your obedience. On Sunday God showed me a dream where I saw people at what looked like a sea side half naked with bare buttocks. The heavens above the sea were dark and very cloudy but where I was it was normal sunny weather. I wasn’t sure whether the dark cloud was going or coming so I asked somebody who confirmed that the cloud was moving backwards because the bad predicted weather will not come anymore. God told me He’s pushed back darkness over our lives and the United Kingdom and reading your posts confirms shifting atmosphere. God also said the people half naked by the sea side are the wicked and occultic people who were invoking evil on this nation and the people but God has pushed back the darkness. I could go on and on but your post today has confirmed many things including labour room. God bless and keep you. Diana Kunda

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