Three Days and Three Nights


Three days and three nights, Jonah was in the belly of the whale.

Jonah had refused to go and do what I asked him to do, for the sake of salvation of a rebellious and calloused people.

He made his own judgments about their welfare.  And he was greatly chastised for so doing so.

Do not think that My true prophets who are called by My Name are falsely prophesying, when they prophesy judgment to the House of God!

If I tell My People to go forth and they will not, will I not correct them?

If I tell My People to pray, and they will not, will I not correct them?

If I call My People to Myself, and they refuse to come, will not a good father chastise his children?

Am I not the good shepherd who leaves the 99 and goes after the one who is lost ?

My anger endures for a moment.  But My love endures forever!

If your love is without constraint, I will come and I will come willingly, and I will give you the keys of the Kingdom, because My love endures forever.

Even if you seem to struggle in your flesh, if your Heart is right before Me, I will bless your seeking, and your efforts, even if they seem to you not enough.

I know the struggles life and the enemy have brought you.

I know your limitations better than anyone.

If you want a will free from Demonic bondage, turn to Me.

Seek Me, for I AM meek and humble of heart.  I will restore you, if you humble yourself and seek My face.

I long to hold you in My arms of love.  I long to wipe away your tears.  I long to make Myself truly known to you.  But you must not hide from Me.

Do not think that I came to destroy?  I AM not the author of destruction!

I AM the author of Life.  Resurrection life!  And you are My “peculiar” people, a people jealously guarded over and cherished.

And I see a much larger group of people.  A people robbed and plundered, and left for dead by the world.

A people who have been slain on the heights of adversity and darkness, and nothing seems real to them anymore.

They are hopeless and their minds have been perverted by the prince of this world.

But, I AM the great I AM!  I came to restore and heal and I have given you My power that is to be used to heal and deliver.

So why do you hold on to it so selfishly, and covet it all to yourself?  When I gave it to you freely?

Have you not seen?  Have you not heard?  I AM a God close at hand and not far away as so many think.

Will you weep for the likes of them?

Will you weep for the broken?

Will you weep for My lambs?

Will you weep for those caught up in perversions of all sorts?

Will you be a repairer of the breach?

Will you be a Restorer of the streets?

Are you willing to look foolish to the eyes of mere men?

I AM calling forth My prophets and apostles.

I AM calling forth My dread Champions.

I AM calling forth My army of Gideons.

I AM calling forth My Davids, My Deborahs, and I AM not a respecter of persons.

I AM sovereign and I will have mercy on whom I’ll have mercy.

I rule the heavens and the earth.  There are none who will not have to bow to My name.

I AM the Lion of the tribe of Judah.  I AM the great I AM.  I AM El Olam!

My ways are not your ways.  I AM the portion of Jacob and I will have My way in My Church!  It will never be the same!

I will restore faith, mercy and justice!

I said these are the weightier matters of the law!

Will you not tremble in My presence?

Will a people called by My Name choose for themselves other gods?

“What gods have we chosen?” you might ask.

The gods of self-reliance, selfishness, greed, pornography, homosexuality, adultery, lying, selfish ambition, lust for power.

In short rebellion against My will.

This is the great harlot! – wanting to do your own will over My will!

Every time you choose what you want to do without consulting Me and what I want you to do, you are in rebellion.

Can man who was created by Me, make himself God?

They made this mistake at Babel and we scattered them and changed their languages, yet man did not learn to listen.

Aren’t you grieved when your own children don’t listen to you?

You have children who are difficult and rebellious, self-willed.

Have you considered this is how I feel when you don’t listen to Me?

It is a curse on your land, because of your rebellion against Me!

So will you again teach submission to Me, rather than the rules of men?

Will you again turn to the God who loves you as no other loves you?

Will you stop yielding to idolatry to man, control, domination and witchcraft?

You want discernment, but many of you want it to beat up on those whom I have called you to love.

If you want discernment, learn to love as I have loved you and laid down My life for you!

You want more specific revelations.  You want answers.  But I want obedience to what I
Have told you!  Obedience is better than sacrifice!

You want Church growth!  You have seminars to build the Church instead of going into the highways and byways to demonstrate My love to those who don’t know Me, or those who have a distorted view of Me.

You are impatient with the ones I have sent you to love, and nurture with the same love that I show you.

The early church was grown by Me through signs and wonders, and through demonstrating My love for each other!

Consider how the lilies grow they neither toil nor Spin.  Yet you think you must strive and busy yourselves; make a good show of it!

I can see your striving and pretense.  I can see, for I AM Jehovah Rohi!

I see all that you do or think.  Aam I so little in your eyes?

Surely My hand is big enough to save!  So why My love, My bride, do you struggle so?

Trust in the LORD with all of your heart and recognize that if trust is not there, then unbelief is, and must be repented of.

Don’t you know, I know all your reasons for doubting?

And don’t I see the lies the enemy has sown in your Heart?

I AM coming.  I AM coming My bride and all I’ve promised will be.

Lay down your lives.  And receive My resurrection life!

Worship Me in the beauty of holiness, with abandonment.

I AM with you I AM for you.  I will forever be your friend, and your protector.

Dance and sing to the LORD your God.  War with praise!

Overcome with praise and be a witness!  My blood has set you free.

Glory in My presence.  Let your joy be restored!

What you hear in your ear, shout from the rooftops!

Be assured, for lo, the Bridegroom cometh!

Store up treasures in heaven!

Come to the Father who loves you!

Come to the Son who died for you!

Come to the Holy Spirit who comforts you!

Originally post © March 7, 1999.


~ Priscilla

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