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  1. I will comfort those believers who does not speak in tongues because there is a difference between the ‘unknown’ tongue spoken with “my” spirit, which only build up myself and the tongue spoken by the Holy Spirit.
    ‘My’ spirit is not holy and can never edify another person, only the Holy Spirit can do this. Therefore speaks the Holy Spirit always understandable, even if the one He speaks ‘through’ does not understand, but the listeners do understand (they can interpret).
    The Holy Spirit is also the only who can give fruit of the spirit which not ‘my’ spirit can do. Without understanding there is no fruit.

    “if I pray in an unknown tongue, MY spirit prayeth, but my understanding is unfruitful,” 1 Cor.14:14,15
    “He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself,” 1 Cor.14:4
    “if I may come unto you speaking tongues, what shall I profit you, except I shall speak to you either in revelation, or in knowledge, or in prophesying, or in teaching?” 1 Cor.14:6
    “SO ALSO YE, if through the tongue, speech easily understood ye may not give — how shall that which is spoken be known? for ye shall be speaking to air.
    The Holy Spirit ALWAYS speaks with understanding and with glorifying God:
    “they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and began to speak with other tongues, according as the Spirit was giving them to declare,” Acts 2:4
    “each one hearing them speaking in his proper dialect, and they were all amazed, how do we hear, each in our proper dialect, in which we were born Acts 2:6-8

    “the Holy Spirit came upon them, they were speaking also with tongues, AND prophesying,” Acts 19:6

    “the Holy Spirit hath been poured out, for they were hearing them speaking with tongues AND magnifying God,” Acts 10:45-46

    The reason the tongues are a ‘sign to the unbelieving’ is that and this is hard to say but true- the believers do prophecy!

    This is why he says that the tongues is for a “sign” to the unbelievers, because only the obedient hears AND speaks what the Holy Spirit says, and therefore are prophecy a sign for the (true) believers.

    “the tongues are for a sign, not to the believing, but to the unbelieving; and the prophesy is not for the unbelieving, but for the believing,” 1 Cor.14:22

    “they shall hear My voice,” John 10:16
    ” they know not the voice of strangers,” John 10:5
    “if, then, I do not know the power of the voice, I shall be to him who is speaking a foreigner, and he who is speaking, is to me a foreigner,” 1 Cor.14:11

    With this said. It is from our heart we pray to God and it is therefore not ‘necessary’ to pray in tongues.

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