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  1. Father, I commit Mr. Frank’s body, soul & spirit unto your hands right. Lord, give him a change of heart to know & hunger for you alone starting from today & beyond in Jesus name. I believe its done!

  2. I am glad for every post by you ! We truly need the elderly brethren, brothers and sisters !! Surely you know the Holy Scriptures about Kaleb and what he said at age 85. Joshua 14:10 …

  3. AMEN!!!
    I’m not quite there yet, but I pray daily for the Father’s elderly children on the earth Mr. Bennett. Their under such intense attack. And why is that? I believe because the purpose and the plans of their Father upon the earth is above and beyond what any human mind could ever possibly think or even imagine.
    I had a dream about my mom a few years back. She was raised in an Era of ‘shame,’ an Era of ‘don’t talk about it.’ But in my dream the Holy Spirit was pouring into my mother and I watched her transform before my very eyes until she looked like a wrinkle free 30 year old beautiful beautiful woman!! Glowing from the center out!!! She was smiling and laughing and the Light that had all but diminished was shining through her eyes again!!!!
    You go Mr. Bennett!! What we’re going to see happening for our beautiful elderly brothers and sisters…we wouldn’t believe it if we were told!! :D

  4. Big prayer request, if you don’t mind.  Please pray for Frank Keister.  He is 80 years “young” and has advanced melanoma on his arm.  He is not yet saved.  I have had visions of him receiving a radical healing, and becoming a powerful witness for the Lord, bringing many into the kingdom.  His grandfather was a mighty man of God, a faith healer if I heard right.  Please pray this mantle will fall on Frank.  He has the most gentle and generous heart and could be used mightily!!!  Over the past years, all of his brothers and sisters have received the Lord before they died.  Pray Frank will also come into the kingdom, please!  He is precious to so many people.

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