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  1. The part that drew me was the burnt palm trees.  We speak of a family tree.  But In this person’s dream, even those trees that grow in dry lands, the palm trees, they were burnt.  I heard also that a desert represents ‘listening to God’.  So Jesus spent 40 days and the Israelites 40 years in the desert. 

    Sadly here the family ‘trees‘ which might have survived even in the desert, that is if they had listened to God, do not survive.  It appears that the ‘monarchy’, caught in financial traps by the group mentioned, could not rebuild.  Simply their large (field) family line, observed by the media, is scorched and destroyed by their complete entanglement in the financial intrigue.  And the women finally, are left helpless amongst the blackened stumps.

    Interesting that English oaks are planned to be planted to celebrate the Queen’s 70th year of her reign …
    And that one of the mantras at present is ‘Build back better’…

    This is just an interpretation of the above dream.  It is not my dream.

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