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  1. When I looked at the picture of Liz Truss shaking hands with the Queen, I couldn’t help wondering if the younger woman in the dream could also represent Liz Truss…. same person in the dream, same name in life.

  2. From Canada, I believe there is a role for God’s Kingdom in Canada in all of this. I base that on a prophecy about Canada from South Korean pastor David Yonggi Cho who heard the Lord speak while ministering in Halifax, Nova Scotia, that He will use Canada to usher in the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I’ve had a lot of visions and rhema related to the Queen since her 60th Jubilee where she stood alone at various events while Prince Philip was unable to keep up. The number 60 figures prominently as she bears the same name as Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist. Elizabeth was six months pregnant when her baby leaped for joy to be in the presence of Mary, mother of the Lord. John said ‘I baptize you with water for repentance but after me will come One who will baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire. He has His winnowing fork in His hand and He will clear His threshingfloor, burning the chaff.’ I believe the Kingdom ties between Britain and Canada are represented in this post above, and the burnt palms may have to do with Trump supporting the Queen from USA. He’s in the land of Florida which is full of palm trees. Combined with the prophetic word for Canada it’s about a baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire of the Lord.  All for your discernment, from Nova Scotia.

  3. We need to be praying fervently against this spirit of Antichrist in the UK. According to Sharia law Muslims converting to Christianity are considered apostates and according to their law this is punishable by death.
    Many ex muslims are living in fear in this country which I have witnessed first hand.
    Please pray for strength, wisdom and discernment for our royal family and government leaders to stand against this in the name of Jesus. Amen!

  4. The part that drew me was the burnt palm trees.  We speak of a family tree.  But In this person’s dream, even those trees that grow in dry lands, the palm trees, they were burnt.  I heard also that a desert represents ‘listening to God’.  So Jesus spent 40 days and the Israelites 40 years in the desert. 

    Sadly here the family ‘trees‘ which might have survived even in the desert, that is if they had listened to God, do not survive.  It appears that the ‘monarchy’, caught in financial traps by the group mentioned, could not rebuild.  Simply their large (field) family line, observed by the media, is scorched and destroyed by their complete entanglement in the financial intrigue.  And the women finally, are left helpless amongst the blackened stumps.

    Interesting that English oaks are planned to be planted to celebrate the Queen’s 70th year of her reign …
    And that one of the mantras at present is ‘Build back better’…

    This is just an interpretation of the above dream.  It is not my dream.

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