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UK Prophetic Signs, “With Shouts of Grace, Grace to the Mountain!” — 4 Comments

  1. Veronika, After reading this article, I left the website and my phone showed the time, 12:05.
    This has prompted me to share the following as 1205 has been a prominent number in my own walk.
    Firstly, I’ll note-
    12 – speaks of government.
    5 – indeed, speaks of His Grace.
    8 – on the 8th time of trying, Nigel finally enters the house – and 8 speaks of new beginnings.
    Now 1205.
    I had been led in 2020 on 4 trips to a local river crossing near my home ( there was a financial aspect to these assignments). On the 3rd trip I was to go and speak just one word, ” Enough! ” I looked at the time – 12:05.
    This number had already been prominent to me and our fellowship group.
    Also, last year ( July 2023 ) , our fellowship group was led to make a declaration at 12:05pm in front of an original copy of The American Declaration of Independence. That declaration was to “…release the sound of freedom over this nation. ”
    ( Note: A nation not being defined by man-made borders but by The Creator of the nations ).

    For prayerful consideration.

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