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Visions for The USA — 10 Comments

  1. Matthew 10:34-35

    “For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.”

    We should pray for healing and forgiveness, absolutely. However, Jesus did not come to bring unity.

    Matthew 10:37

    “He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”

    The Lord’s will always comes first. We should not seek unity with those who follow satan.

    • Correct we are not to be united with evil but this nation was founded under God. United we stand. We can unite with the true church and the Lord and ask God to reunite this land, according to His Will. We are to win souls. We aren’t to quarrel amongst each other. These visions were given for one reason: to pray. God’s will be done. I agree with the scriptures but it’s taking a Holy Spirit given vision and call for prayer out of context.

      • Okay, I think I understand.

        You’re not saying we should unite with those who have been deceived by evil, rather, you’re saying we should pray for God to unite this nation in the pursuit of all that is good? You’re saying we should pray for those deceived by satan to come to the truth?

        That’s a message I agree with. I will pray for this. That we become unified in support of God’s will. That those who have been led away will be given a path to return.

        • Hi Yes exactly. We need to unite with God, with other true believers, and then we as a nation need to unite as a nation under God. We can’t really unite with unbelievers but we can be united with God and each other- and work towards saving the souls of the lost and prodigals who can then also unite with us.

  2. You mentioned unity. Jesus didn’t tell the people to be unified with the pharisees and sadducees. We should never be unified with evil. We should always speak out against evil.

    We should pray that those deceived by evil will be given a pathway to the Lord’s will. Those on the side of evil must reject their evil ways, or face the Lord’s justice. We should be there to guide them and answer any questions they have, but we should never be unified with their evil.

    • I’m not talking about uniting with evil but uniting with God and praying His will be done, and uniting with the remnant. And yes united we stand one nation under God. So if we unite at least under one God – let those who have ears hear what the Spirit is saying. God bless.

  3. The democrats are satanically obsessed with civil war if they don’t get their way. Spoiler alert: They won’t get their way. They’re going to lose. When they lose, they won’t accept defeat with respect, they will riot like they always do.

    I don’t see what the Republicans can do to stop that. All Republicans can do is pray that God binds the democrats and takes away satan’s power.

  4. Father let us Begin to honor your word and 2Chronicles 7:14- If my People… Lord Let There BE LIGHT & Let God Arise & All His Enemies be Scattered! I Decree Amos 5:24- LET JUSTICE RUN DOWN LIKE A RIVER & RIGHTEOUSNESS LIKE A MIGHTY STREAM!!! ☝

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