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Waging War With a Prophetic Word — 6 Comments

  1. Dear Sandi,

    Refreshing. The wisdom and discernment the Lord pours through you brings life and strength to the soul. You’re such a gift to this prophetic season of history we’re in. Keep on scribing.

    • Thank you so much ELizabeth. Just now seeing your comment. That really encourages me because lately the enemy has been beating me up saying this is elementary but the Lord is saying, many do not understand this truth today. Indeed I will keep on keeping on scribing and listening. Love and blessings, Sandi

  2. Yes.Amen.
    Praise The LORD of Glory, for He is King of Kings and LORD of Lords, and every knee must bow to JESUS CHRIST.

    We win!  We enter in as Winners and Conquerors and we leave as Victors! JESUS

  3. So good thank you! And we shall pray for protection and wisdom while we worship The Father and intercede for the church and Israel!

    • Thank you, Angela, YES You are so welcome. Pray indeed for the church and Israel. We are in a hard battle. God bless you richly, Sandi Holman

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