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  1. Thank you. It is really a very evil war behind the scenes. As I returned home, I saw already at the entrance, the rat(s) again were here. Again knives turned upside down, and other “signs” that they are able to do tortures as long as they want. Now they are hiding and laying in wait for their next round of evil. This all is written in the Bible. Rotten people lurking around. I did not tell that they have stolen a ring last week, from my grandmom and mom. We are not rich, but they don’t like us to own anything. Even not any joy. Yes, dear sister: They want to ruin the harvest, they are obsessed, evil, egoistic creatures. Bible speaks about rats and dogs… and wolves. Ezekiel 22: They oppress the poor and rob from the needy. They treat foreigners bad and wrong, against every law. This is the WORD OF GOD. But here’s the GOOD NEWS: When GOD’S appointed time has come, destruction will come over many. He will bring an unforgettable righteousness for all the unrighteous acts of the evildoers. WOE to them ! This is the HOLY WORD OF GOD.

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