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  1. Yes. It always had been so: You see who does rejoice or who does NOT rejoice when you have overcome something very important, when you even struggled between life and death, and you (we) see who is glad for a small or big victory. Those who do not say any good word or even spread doubts – it seems those people wait for a fall. Atleast they always want to have the last word, no matter if it`s usefull or destroying new hope.
    Anyway – we know we can`t really count on 1 person on earth – even the best friends can deceive, the Holy Scripture tells us. May we be good friends for others, no matter if they “deserve” goodness or not. Because JESUS CHRIST loves us.
    If anyone is interested in: I did NOT get the job in the other Jewish house. But very wondrously yesterday I got a 100 % contract for a new job in another place. I had a hard test day, working and speaking to prove that I am a good new employee. Gladly, not in the big town, but in the mountain area. Time is really speeding up. Running out for many, but for His children a time of DOUBLE portions, after years of being robbed and mistreated.

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