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Warning of a Spirit of Nazism in the USA — 2 Comments

  1. I fully agree your final sentence:
    “Racism, judgments, fear and pride must bow to the name of Jesus.”
    I wrote the 1st comment on the way home from work on cell phone. Meanwhile one more important matter of fact came to my mind, that there is a 2nd “neutral” state on this planet: Vatican City !
    And which empire 2000 years ago was reliable – beside the Jewish pharisees – that JESUS CHRIST was murdered and His people persecuted ? The Roman Empire. They wanted to inherit Jerusalem and the entire world. And still they want to rule, together in a mixture with all other religions. JESUS CHRIST so to be, according their plans, downgraded to be only a god among other gods…The pope is called “holy father”. What a blasphemious title ! They call him deputy of Jesus Christ on earth. Blasphemy even more worse. Nearly all popes kissed the quran and made satan`s horn symbols with their hands. Is anybody doubting or wondering, that GOD now judges the nations ?
    Martin Luther was cast out of the Roman Catholic Church… 5 0 0 years are over now in this remarkable year 2 0 1 7 / 5 7 7 7.
    The Celebration Day / Memorial Day for the Lutheran / Evangelical Churches is 31 of October every year. Almost no one notices this. Mainstream media silenced it down.
    Now, whom and what and do the masses celebrate instead of Reformation Day every year on that day ? Hell-o-ween. Now death spirits, hell spirits, satan`s celebration day is on 31 of October. We all know from which country this spilled over the Atlantic Ocean and around the globe. LORD, HAVE MERCY !

  2. Dear sister Laura
    As a German woman with parents born at the END of WWII, I often was confronted with Nazi reproaches wherever I went. Over the past 5 decades I made the experience, we Germans are still limited worldwide to these 12 years in history, but never the huge blessings of believers, musicians, or even the blessings through MARTIN LUTHER, a former Catholic who dared to change this world – most people like to focus on this time 80 and more years ago. A sinful unforgiveness. We grew up humbly and it seems, the busy and well known honest Germans never get rest from accustions.
    So why do I write this comment ? More and more it comes to the light, that BIG AMERICAN COMPANIES AND BANKS with financial interests were hidden responsibilities for many many hidden operations. Hitler was from Austria and a drug consuming puppet for the “elites”. And: There is one “neutral” country on this planet.. between Austria and Germany. The Brittains are also not innocent…. We all were never taught in school about this. Not our parents, not you, not I, not our children. PLEASE, all who read this: Think about these words. And PLEASE – stop judging and blaming the social highly caring and loving Germans. We are no longer accepting this permanent Anti-Germany propaganda. GOD KNOWS who the real Nazis are. Germany is first and foremost a JEWISH nation ! I dearly hope that the readers understand this response.

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