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Warning of a Three Headed Dragon — 6 Comments

  1. Curious because Father gave me visions of a bronze/golden 3 headed dragon, he told me the body was the kingdom and the heads are governing aspects of Fathers law, each head is a name given to me by Father is my vision, the left Ahron, Right Shiva, The middle Yahuahyra’ah. Each head displayed a important principle to Father’s law, The right is Death, the Left is Life, the middle is ressurection. He also displayed to me the wings represent the power of Fathers protection and the wings that bring destruction upon the demonic forces. He said the heads also represented Father, Son and Holy Spirit, each aspect of Father himself. The Dragon I seen is of great fierce storms and lightning but also emerges from a black hole, he said the black hole represented him for he is a singularity and that the Dragon is a personification of singularity and of Father.

  2. Ladt night i closed my eyes and saw a 3 headed dragon dark and redish , on firey rocks wings opened. I felt like i couldnt moved and hear nothing , when i opened my eyes tears where running down my cheeks .This happened around 3 am what does it mean?

  3. I was given a three-headed Dragon pendant I am a woman of God and I’ve been baptized in the Holy Ghost and I knew it meant something when it was given to me and in the Lord led me to read what you posted

  4. Thank you,God also showed me the 3Headed Drazon.I have been binding up the anti- Christ Spirit in Jesus name.God be with you on your ever increasing journey of Knowledge & truth.

  5. Powerful truth; I learned a lot from this post–do not choose sides, stand for what’s RIGHT! Amen. To God be the glory forever and ever. Thank you for sharing.

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