Warning of a Three Headed Dragon

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Warning of a Three Headed Dragon

This morning I have been listening and praying.  In prayer the LORD showed me a three headed dragon.

He spoke to me and said, “These three heads represent the trio that are driving men in this hour.”

He said,  “The spirit of Babylon drives people to greed, corruption, evil and damnable acts against God and Mankind; Leviathan drives people to selfishness, self-centered attitudes, pride, rebellion, stubbornness; and Pharaoh, wants to control people, break their spirit, keep them in bondage poverty and humiliation.  

These three are operating together to prevent certain persons in a region from advancing, obtaining wealth, from growing beyond them, from being able to control them.  In society and in the church, these three spirits are wrecking havoc and introducing new levels of depraved behavior within the people.”

I’m praying, because as the Father begins to escalate His Glory within the earth, those spirits that come to oppose the move of God will also intensify to try and discourage and intimidate the people into giving up and falling prey to the demonic pressure of satan.

People, you will need a true and secure relationship with the LORD to be able to handle the dimension of pressure and temptations that are being loosed now.

You need to be filled with the Spirit of God to have the resistance to withstand the fiery darts that shall be shot at you.  Standing strong with certainty and power will be necessary.

Several things I saw:

  • A bad train wreck.
  • i’m praying for those who are driving big-rig trucks.
  • I’m certainly praying for American Airlines right now.
  • I’m praying for those in college.
  • I’m praying against murder in marriages.

God is speaking, moving, revealing, so please listen pay attention and learn!

Being a Leader for God

As a leader who believes in holiness and righteousness and that those that have identified themselves as a leader in the Body Of Christ should walk in order, unity and integrity, I must make some decisions now that may not be favorable.

They may cause some people to say things about me very quietly behind my mouth, because everybody knows that I believe that if you act like a criminal, then you are going to be treated like one.

As a person who desires to always see people set free, I’m always trying to bring the people into unity, so that the world can see that the people of God can live among each other in love.  It is an abomination for any of us to sow seeds of discord among the brethren.

The Bible declares that we are to follow peace with all men.  That includes those who have things against us; those who have hurt us; those who mistreat us; those who fight against us.

People, sometimes think because I don’t ‘go off’ that I’m either afraid or don’t have any power, but often I’m trying to keep them from becoming a enemy of God.  I always tell people the She Bears that killed the 42 young lads did so because they were mocking Elisha and interfering with his assignment of worship.  He was on his way to worship God and their words were a mockery and a interruption in his assignment.

People don’t understand the danger of interfering with the ordained assignment on somebody life.  When we come against each other, we open ourselves up to discipline and chastisement from the LORD.

I know that many times, those whom I counsel in conflicts, sometimes get upset when I tell them to repent, even when they think they’re right.  But I teach them to never let the sun go down on their wrath; to never let anybody have control over your emotions; to never put your life be controlled by how people act toward you.

I prayed a prayer from the beginning of my real walk with the LORD, and that prayer was and yet remains:

Father, deliver me from people, from their attitudes, opinions and crazy, sometimes hostile words, that will stir up strife and rage in me.  Give me your heart mind and Spirit so that when people rise up against me, that I will fight in the Spirit in prayer instead of on my flesh through carnality.

This prayer has kept me, down through the years.  So now I fight in the Spirit, through warfare, intercession, or if somebody bothers me or harasses me, I allow the law to take matters into its hands after I can’t get a peaceful resolution.

Because in this hour, people don’t have respect for the Men and Women of God and the house of God when they are hostile until you feel your life is threatened.

I tell everybody to seek legal means if the church leader’s can’t get it resolved.  It should never have to come to that, but in this hour, it is crucial that we learn how to walk in love toward each other.

Sometimes as a mediator-leader between opposing parties, your name can be used unjustly or scandalized, because when parties come together, much is said and each one is looking to you to stand with them.

I tell everybody, I’m not on either side.  I’m for what’s right.  So I listen with the Spirit and speak from the Spirit.  I’m not fooled.  I can look through mud and see dry land and I can hear a rat urinate in a alley on a paper towel.

I always tell Leaders you, can’t play favorites you, can’t be biased!   But you must judge all things righteously.

If you do it God’s way, you will never be fooled or deceived by the enemy!  After two months of dealing with conflicts between leaders, or leaders and members, or family or marriages, I recognize that the enemy wants to bring a bad reproach in the Body of Christ by keeping discord among the people in every relationship.

It is our responsibility as leaders to be able to sit down with those that are having issues and bring a reasonable solution between all involved, but I must warn you, leaders, sometimes your decision will make a enemy, because everybody wants to be right but just make sure that your decision is based on facts and not friendships and relationships!

Loving on the Body of Christ tonight!  We are more powerful working and fighting together not against each other!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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  1. Powerful truth; I learned a lot from this post–do not choose sides, stand for what’s RIGHT! Amen. To God be the glory forever and ever. Thank you for sharing.