Warning! “Spiritual Storm Surge”!


Early hours of this morning I was woken to the words, “Divine alignment between heaven and earth is now manifesting.  Watch!  The tide is rising rapidly”!

Then I saw the waters of the oceans begin to rise, rise and rise again! I heard the words, “Spiritual storm surge”!

As I began to pray I remembered the Word God gave me for the nation of America and the 5 tidal waves that I saw breaking forth upon that nation, (Trump).

As I continued to pray, I saw a number of mighty storms that will come in the form of tornadoes and hurricanes.  I saw 2 powerful tsunamis that will take place this year as a result of 2 great earthquakes.

This year will be a year of unprecedented shakings and divine shiftings.

What is taking place in the heavenlies will manifest powerful, suddenly and strategically upon the earth.  These will be signs of his hand of retribution and restoration moving mightily on behalf of his people.

I Decree:   The Spirit of the Fear of The LORD is now being released into the earth.  No eye has seen, no ear has heard and no heart has perceived what god is about to do in our midst.

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Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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