Warring: In the Spirit and on the Ground


The first World War, the Second World War and the Cold War, all have one origin, the involvement of demonic entities from higher principality that would forever, determine the relations of Nations and escalate many other wars fought to date.

It all began with one assassin from a black-hand movement dark cult, the two bullets, and their subsequent firing at a man and his expectant wife, the Archduke of the Austria-Hungarian Empire.

The assassins, who had previously tried several attempts and were unsuccessful in so many ways, almost gave up on the man they wanted to kill, but one young man went on loitering.  He became the one who triggered a war that has birthed many wars and much hatred among the Nations of the earth.

What amazes, is how a driver would disobey instruction to take a wrong turn, this bringing the Archduke’s procession head-on with an assassin who had already given up on the job, thereby giving him an opportunity to kill the man and his wife, so to spark war on many fronts and alliances that still exists today.

But historians and analysts have argued how such ‘casual arrangements,’ would be the ones to trigger the never, soon-ending crisis on earth.  It is only possible there was a force moving the assassin, who was loitering, and the Archduke in his procession, to the same place where the man would be killed.

A force, in the form of a principality, was creating a course of unpleasant events.  “We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and rulers are included,”   Ephesians 6:12.

Over every nation, there are powers that fight the destiny of her people.  Demonic forces are loose over nations and are hell-bent on destroying the LORD’s agenda over many of these Nations.

When people have forsaken the godliness, it gives the enemy a chance to rule over and frustrate the divine plans.

From World War One, we know that even the simplest unnecessary action or reactions, can cause strife and begin flare-ups on the world stage.  We need intercessors, who will do nothing else but pray and forbid in the spirit any wild agenda.

There should be those who monitor in spirit the activities of certain rulers and shoot their ‘demonic eggs’ before they can hatch.  Prayers can bring all of them down.

We pray for peace of Jerusalem, because we do not want the enemy to interfere before his ordained time.  In most nations, soldiers are out fighting the enemy, doing it in a hard way, the only way they know, to keep men, women and children safe.

But soldiers shouldn’t be fighting more than an intercessor does from the spiritual dimension.  We should not allow Israel to protect herself, more than we are praying for her protection and ultimate safety.

When our soldiers are in another country, and starved of sleep, the intercessors too shouldn’t be sleeping.  They should be in the tough spiritual terrain just like the boots on the ground.


~ Prophet Peter Odhiambo

Prophet Peter OdhiamboProphet Peter Odhiambo is the founder of Heart Revival Network  International, Kenya  and a Prophetic Endtime Minister of the Gospel.  He preaches in Crusades, open air and Revival meetings.  The Lord continuously shows him concerning apostasy in the Church and the need to prepare the Bride to fit into the Wedding of the Lamb, according to Revelation 19:7-8.

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