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Watch Out Who Gets on Board With You! — 1 Comment

  1. God reminded me about a dream I had this spring which is similar to this warning and I will share it if perhaps someone will read it.
    When I received it it came as a warning about people who will appear as ‘comforters’ during persecution, during our loneliness with the Lord, because they will try to use our need of to at least have someone that is on ‘our side’.

    Because the Lord reminded me of this right now I take it as an topical warning to all those who is in the ‘furnace’ situation because the enemy who is outside the furnace knows where you are and that you are ‘suffering’.

    The dream shortly;
    ” Clothed in a prom dress I was standing alone in a room. Behind me was a door an in my eye corner I saw a naked man pass outside the door and he halted long enough to recognize me in the room and then he disappeared.
    Then a man in a suit came into the room and placed himself in a position as he was a little higher than me.
    I said “I am a christian” and he looked at my cross at my necklace and said
    “Yes, that is the reason why I came”
    and then he came close to me and gave me a hug and I immediately knew he was a betrayer. Then I woke up”