We Are All One in Him


The following is a Word my husband wrote in response to a comment by a man (which I get quite often)  that my page is a little too “lovey-dovey” for men to relate too.

And although sometimes, even I am a little hesitant to post some of these words, I know what I hear and I know what I see and I KNOW, that so many are SO hungry for Father’s amazing Love that is lavished upon His Children that I must post what I post.

My desire is that BOTH men and women are blessed by them for this IS how your Jesus feels about you.

Man or woman.  We are all ONE in Him.  We are all the Bride of Christ when we are born again.  God IS Love.  As humans, I don’t think we have barely scratched the surface of this Divine and Holy Love with our little minds.

But we can feel Him in our hearts and it is overwhelming.  There is no male or female in Christ Jesus.

Thank you to my dear husband Paul who works so hard so I can do what I do here on Facebook.  Here is what Paul wrote:

As a young man growing up, the ideal masculine man was someone physically strong, unfeeling and emotionless; not easily swayed by fear or love; only driven to succeed in whatever endeavor life presented.

As I matured through many different life experiences; I learned and continue to learn as I get older that many of my youthful views (THANK YOU HOLY SPIRIT) have changed.

I could barely grasp the enormity of what JESUS did for all of humanity; first at the whipping post; taking all sickness, all torments, all disease and suffering; all these horrible things in HIS own body; bearing the pain in order to provide healing for EVERYONE who will come to HIM and believe.

Secondly, at HIS Cross where JESUS took the divine wrath and punishment for all of humanity; washing us clean with HIS own BLOOD; a gift that is so magnificent that it can barely be described by human language; reconciling all humanity to HIMSELF.

The enormity of that act of perfect, selfless LOVE and SACRIFICE can never or should ever be taken lightly or trivialized.  The LOVE of FATHER GOD is perfect, holy, righteous and when someone experiences it for the first time, IRRESISTABLE and POWERFUL.

In the Bible it says that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that JESUS is LORD to the GLORY of the FATHER.  It won’t be JESUS using a rod of iron as many preachers are fond of saying.

The perfect, awesome LOVE of JESUS will bring people to their knees because HE will be KING and the HOLY LAMB of GOD, worthy of all praise, honor and glory.”


~Deborah Waldron Fry

Deborah Waldron FryDeborah Waldron Fry



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