Why Do YOU Doubt MY Words?


I hear the LORD say,

“Why do you doubt My Words that I send thee which are Spirit and life to thee?

Why do you look around for your help when all your help comes from Me?

AM I not God?

Is there anything too hard for Me?

I have given you My Word and I shall perform and perfect it in the thing which I have sent it.

I need you to be strong!  My child, watch, look, see My salvation, for I will be exalted among the heathen.  I will give My people, Zion rest and comfort, for now is the time of refreshing.

Come, let Me quench your thirsting souls and feed you.  Let Me give you suck upon My bosom and anoint you.  I love you and will protect and defend you.

Do not be weary and cast down, for I AM with You.  I have made you my sons and daughters a Promise and I will never leave you.  Only be confident, only be obedient, only do that which I have commanded thee to do and watch Me work.

For yet in a little while and you will see My glory, yet a in little while and you will see that I God which made the Heavens and the earth will restore to thee all that was lost and stolen.

For I have seen your tears, I have heard your cries and your afflictions that you have had to deal with.  But for your shame I will give you double.

The events that unfold, they must, they must My child, for many have gone astray, many have forsaken My covenant with them and have gone the way of Baal and idols.

For many have flirted and toyed with the idea of choosing the abominable things which I forbade your forefathers.  But just as I led them 40 years in the wilderness and the fiery serpents could not touch them, so will I protect you and lead you into My rest.

Be strong and of good courage for I will comfort thee Zion, I will comfort thee Jerusalem.  You are My chosen, My people, My beloved.”

Thus sayeth the LORD.


~ Syreeta Thomas

Syreeta ThomasSyreeta Thomas



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