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  1. Prophet Elijah is my Bible Mentor (character). This same talked about me Years ago, while I was Jonah (not doing God’s assignment) out of ignorance. My case was firstly,: been at the wrong place, doing the right thing & next right place, doing the wrong thing. This continued until I saw the raging sea(trials) that almost killed me but GOD’ MERCY RESCUED ME. I had shared this on HKP!  Today, I WAIT PATIENTLY FOR HIS COMMANDS. YES, Where HE brought me is uncomfortable, boring & embarrassing & many think i am crazy for STANDING THERE. BUT, HE KEEPS SHOWING ME HIS WAY & ACTS AS I SIMPLY OBEY HIM. Thank you Pastor Bennett.

  2. Thanks. This is so me, fought battles, build missions and teams and stood in huge adversity, seen my mentees take the mantle, settle down all in the Lord.
    And now here I am fighting the temptation to stare too long at the pharaohs the Lord has drowned,…..
    Thia is a spiritual challenge sir.
    God bless you

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