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  1. I struggle to keep my mind on the things of God. I know Jesus had no home, no place to lay his head. But being homeless is scary. Even more so, for a woman, I believe.
    I don’t know what I’ll do. I now have no home, no car, no job, no income and I need several surgeries so I can work again. I don’t take pain medication so I suffer terribly, at times.
    I REALLY need a touch from Heaven. I’ve spent 2.5 years at the feet of Jesus. Just He and I. I’ve received SO much deep healing and deliverance of demonic strongholds.
    I’m at a friend of a friend’s house right now. It was supposed to be a Christian home. It’s anything but that…and it’s grieving my spirit to be around the constant profanity and filth they watch on TV.
    I just want to be with Jesus but there’s no peace in this household. I was alone before, in a camper on a mountain. Now I’m “alone”, surrounded by loud and unholy people who don’t welcome the Holy Spirit into their home. Lord knows, I want out of this situation so badly ~ but I have no options at all. Could someone please pray with me for a miracle? I know it’s a lot…to ask for.
    Thank you and mayour precious Lord bless and keep you!

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