What are Your Confessions for July 2012?


Brethren, we are already in this wonderful month and the Word tells us that; “A man’s belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth; and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled.” (Proverbs 18:20)

What are you going to be saying for the rest of this month?

Remember confession is saying the same thing that God says.

“The Lord has said to go forward; take action; do the impossible; love the unlovable; take charge of your mind and your tongue, and possess the promises.”

SO I am saying all through the Month, I am going forward, I am heading upward; I am moving onwards!

I am doing the impossible because He, the God of possibilities, is working in me, with me, and for me!

I am loving the unlovable, continually demonstrating compassion to people!

I am renewing my mind through the Word; therefore, taking charge of it, saying the same thing in agreement with God!

I am speaking in tongues never stopping!

And I am possessing the promises, stretching my hand over the sickness and dividing and destroying it, in the Name of Yahushua!

Nothing can stop me!!!

I am under the check and conduct of the Holy Spirit!

I have the Good Shepherd’s GPS inside me therefore, I cannot lose direction!

I am set for God’s blessings, changing levels and taking possessions.

I’m making progress; the Spirit of God is transporting me into higher realms of glory!

Whatever I do prospers!

I’m moving forward, I’m God’s agent of change, a force that cannot be ignored, a force to be reckoned with!

They cannot withstand the force with which I come; they cannot resist the wisdom with which I speak!

I’m God’s battle axe, His weapon of war, a symbol of His honor!

I’m a testimony of God’s grace!

My life counts for the Gospel!

I’m an expression of God’s righteousness, an interpretation of His glory, a word that was spoken by Him and came into being!

In the volume of books it is written of me, I’ve come to do Thy will oh God!

I walk in the miraculous, I live the miraculous life!

I swallow up my world with the Gospel!!!

I bear fruit and my fruit abide!

Ah, ah, ah! Money answers to my name, money is locating me now!!!

Ho, ho, ho, ho, Glory! Goodness, mercy, money and souls follow me all the days of this month!!!

Start declaring them and start living your extraordinary life!

 Remain Bountifully Blessed!!!


Pastor Judah Giam‘s Yeshua’s Heavenly Ministries is an end-time prayer & revival ministry. He runs prayer warfare seminars to equip & empower Christians to be the Warrior Bride as ordained by Yahweh Elohim.  Anointed prophetic prayers & decrees have transformed the prayer lives of many who testify to experiencing breakthroughs in their intimacy with God.

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