What Did The Spirit Say?


How many times do we speak, before we ask the Holy Ghost, what He thinks about it.  We often develop opinions, without even first asking God, what He thinks about the situation, or the person.

One of the most difficult things so many wish to avoid talking about, is something that God made very clear.  His ways are not our ways; He doesn’t think, the same way we do.  The idea that God does as He pleases, stumps us.

It doesn’t matter to too many, that His Word states quite plainly, that He will do and use the very things we think He won’t.  He mixes it all up.  I say humbly, it seems that He likes to confound those who think they know so much; the wise, I believe He said.

I don’t understand, just why it is, that we have such a hard time in accepting that God looks on the heart.  We see on the outside; yet, He sees on the inside.  Could it be, that so many of us were taught that we should decide about someone, by only what man can see.

What would we answer, if someone asked us if we talk to the Holy Ghost.  He is indeed the Holy Spirit of God.  We talk to God, so why could we not speak to His Spirit.

I have been permitted to share a little bit of my own experience today.  Before I even open my Facebook page, I get down on my face before Him.  I always tell Him, Holy Spirit of God, I am not worthy that you should use me.  I don’t want to ever offend you; I would rather die right here, right now, than to do so.  If you can use me in any way, I will do the best I can.  But, you must do it Holy Ghost.  There’s no way, that I can do it myself.

Sometimes, I bog down, and I can’t seem to say it right.  I then say to Him, Holy Ghost, you have to help me now.  It’s kinda like I used to do years back, when I was working in His house.  I would say to the Holy Ghost, show me which way to go now.  And He would.

I’m not in any way attempting to sound spiritual or raise myself up.  I’m telling you, it’s far past time that we operate in the Spirit, and get down to the business of this hour.  We were meant to walk in the realm of the Spirit.  We’ve truly missed out on so much already.

Somebody is going to hear what the Spirit is saying.  Jesus said it clearly, that those who had an ear, would hear.  No matter what everyone else thinks or says, the Spirit is going to reveal Himself.  He will make known the way He wishes to go, and someone is going to follow Him.  Somebody, somewhere, is hungry to see Him operate, see Him manifest His mighty power in their lives, and among the people.  We are not going to make it, on this level so many of us are hanging on to; it will never work now, as we see.

Before we make any decision about another person, why can’t we first ask God, what does He think about them.  We might find, that He has a totally different opinion of them than we do.

I’ve found too often, that my interpretation of scripture or those who tried to interpret for me, was not at all what His Word said.  The truth is, the understanding of Him and what He said, only comes by the Holy Ghost; the highest teaching order there is.

We have to know what He is saying to the church today.  Perhaps, we ought to ask Him.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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