What Is a True Prophet?


A true prophet always carries God’s heart within theirs.

Whatever is said or done is always motivated from the Father and a current and relevant, timely, expression of His heart.

Prophets, like their Father, are no respecter of persons.  They will speak God’s Word faithfully, giving utterance to His heart, whether their audience may be agreeable or not.

Prophets are dead men speaking.  They have laid their name, fame, reputation, self-will and ambition, the love of their own lives – and themselves, upon God’s altar, long before they are called to stand on His behalf as messengers sent forth from His Throne.  This makes them fearless as messengers before kings and men.

Because authentic prophets are sent in God’s Authority, they fear neither men or devils, knowing that they move and operate in the realm of God’s Person and unlimited Power.

Prophets are sent for the sole purpose of giving true expression to the will and the heart of the Father, they ‘cry’ the Father’s heart, and are consumed with every motion or emotion thereof.

Jeremiah wept at the state and the condition of the house of God, so did Jesus over Jerusalem, and so does authentic prophets carry within them the very heartfelt impressions of the Father.

Prophets are sent at times when the church has lost direction, or at times when God is either calling out His children, or reprimanding them from their erroneous ways.

They come to point the way to God, when focus among His people have been lost.

Another function of the prophet is to point the way into new seasons and to bring the true Ekklesia into new dimensions of Revelation in Christ.

They are sent to usher the church into new dimensions of Glory. Prophets usher in coming seasons in which they themselves have already walked.

They do not come to bring what they have not themselves already experienced and walked in.

They are therefore mostly on a lonely pilgrimage into the present future, except when they need to lead others along the new trails they have already opened up and threaded out for others to follow in.

True prophets are consistent in denouncing anything that lives out of order with God, and are ruthless in attacking what is falsely being presented as the real, and thereby misleading people into being drawn away from God.

Their profuse love of God and zeal for His people to walk free and intimately with Him, compels them to speak out, whether against the religious order of the day (the church), its leaders, or against false prophets, false teaching, deception, or any other thing being presented in the Name of the LORD that does not originate from the Throne of His heart.

Prophets are rarely accepted or appreciated in their season of service, they are usually celebrated by the next generation, or generations that follow. In their present time they are seen as being “out of tune”, unbalanced, severe and zealots, which by all means they are!

They are not sent for the approval of man – but to reproof them by the Holy Spirit.

It is usually the next generation that sees the value of their service and can identify with what they were sent to deliver.

The prophet then understands his mission and has settled in his heart that making God smile is of more value than having the whole world smile back at him.

In conclusion then –

  • Authentic prophets live for Heaven’s applause, even at the cost of man’s outcry against them.
  • They seek the honor that comes from God, and are crucified to the opinions of men.
  • They walk in Fire, as a voice of one crying.
  • They cannot be bought, for they have already sold themselves to Christ.
  • They cannot be threatened, silenced or killed, for they are as dead men speaking.

At a time as such that we are living in – Prepare for God’s authentic prophets!


Excerpt from the book – “Called To Walk Alone” – to be released September 2018.

~ Johann van der Hoven

Johann van der HovenJohann van der Hoven is in South Africa.  He has been serving the Lord in ministry since 1991 and has hosted numerous apostolic revival meetings in South Africa and in South America.  He also currently pioneers a organic church planting movement across South Africa.  For more information about him and his ministry visit Fellowship of Believers or Revival.

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  1. Absolutely! I love it! Praise YAHUYAH! Thank you Sir for the truth. Yah bless.