What is the Spirit saying to His Church?


In this hour, it is not enough, to hear it from someone else.  We need to hear from the Holy Ghost, ourselves; on a daily basis.  If Christ is returning as soon as some say He is, then it’s even more necessary that we stay in touch with the Holy Ghost.  We must ask ourselves, just what are we hearing.  Can we remember, that Jesus said that He was coming back, like a thief; catching many people unaware.

Whether it’s controversial or not, each one of us must ask, just what is the Church; and who, is the church. It is the body of Christ.  But for so long now, we have continued to argue about, who is in that body, and who is not.  I hope this doesn’t sound too curt or tart, but what if Jesus Christ was to tell some of us, to take care of our own business, and let Him take care of His?  Today, I truly have a difficult time, explaining how so many of us had the liberty and the power, to decide who’s in, and who’s out.  Is it not God’s business?

Yes we must be born again.  And yes we should be baptized like Jesus, the apostles and all those in the early church.  I never could understand, how those with the Holy Ghost, could argue and even separate from one another; having no fellowship together.  If we can be real, the time came when even those who said they had the only true doctrine and baptism, didn’t even fellowship with one another.  Sometimes, churches in the same town.  We could deny that; but we would only be digging ourselves a deeper stumble.

While we are putting down on the praise singers, we just might have to confess, that preaching, can be entertainment also.  But what, is the Spirit saying?  A renown lady speaker among us, once said something that must have been over a lot of people’s heads.  She said, that the Holy Spirit, is easily offended.  Although the Spirit may live in the hearts of many in a meeting, that same Spirit, may wish to descend upon a gathering, in a much stronger kind of way, hovering over the entire place; and how special that is.  But if He is not given first place, He may lift that covering, and move on.

The people, are the Church; maybe some of us are finally getting that message.  Yes we should gather together; yes we do need fellowship with one another.  But if the Holy Ghost is not being given first place, if those who are leading are not seeking to follow the Spirit totally, just what, are we hearing.  In the beginning, we all were taught to seek ye first, the Kingdom of God.  And what is, the Kingdom of God.  It is righteousness, peace and joy, in The Holy Ghost!  If we believe we are in the body of Christ, what, is the Holy Spirit of God, saying to each of us.  What did He say to us, today?


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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