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  1. What Place Are You In ? Responding I’m in a place where my accusers are all coming against me. I have been lied upon, false statements coming at me, yet in spite of it all I know that Victory is assured for me.
    This is a time of promotion to me, a time of breakthrough, a Joseph season, a time of transitioning into something new which God, has for me. Vindication, is of the Lord, and I shall not have to fight, this is the Lord’s battle, for he will fight, and bring justice to all my enemies set before me. I receive the awesome prophetic words, this day into my now circumstances of my life.
    I let it go. Judgement is upon their souls, and Victory is mine. Recompense.
    Thank you Abba, and your anointed vessel of honor for sharing.

  2. This is such a powerful message. Thank you so much my beloved tha’s so true the battle is no mine. Well done! AMEN

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