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What to Do When You’re Threatened or Hurt? — 5 Comments

  1. God Bless, and praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow.

    I needed to hear this word as I am guilty of being hurt through persecution of the church in the past, those who the devil are using to harass me on the job, on the trains traveling to work and from work. I can be at the grocery store, the enemy is using his demonic agitants to disrupt my peace and focus on God. These are people being used by the devil who would make most people want to stay and remain inside their homes.

    It hurts everyday knowing that you will be harassed by demons throughout that day, in which these attacks are non stop. I am guilty of wanting to retaliate, with the warrior spirit of the Lord God, but its not always physical handling when I allow flesh to rise, just a matter of letting the enemy know that I stand in boldness in Jesus as I walk these valleys of darkness,praying against demonic oppression and multiples attempts of trying to intimidate me, but yet I know the Lord will prevail.

    • Hi Norman!  It seem as if I am going through the same things, especially with a former employer at the location i once worked and my privacy has been made public.  We really need to pray against this evil attack from hell.

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