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What Was Jesus’ Purpose of the Corona Virus? — 2 Comments

  1. This is most timely. A different perspective on the usual attitudes that are prevalent regarding this virus.  Far too many people have been filled with doom and gloom from the beginning. We need a sensible outlook as to how we move forward with this virus.  Talking about it as most people do is not helping.  We need to know how we DEAL with it, not KEEP hearing more about what we already know. What we SHOULD HAVE DONE from day one was to CHECK THE EVIDENCE. IS this REALLY AS BAD AS WE’VE BEEN TOLD, or do the FACTS suggest otherwise?.
    Unfortuntely, from what I have discovered over many years is that most people don’t have the ability to think RATIONALLY or LOGICALLY!!! Some fool yells “Pandemic” two or three days in and before we know it we are faced with a WORLD THREATENING GLOBAL CRISIS.
    Locking down the whole country and all our businesses is helping NO ONE and solving NOTHING. The most effective course of action is to TRUST GOD and call on HIM. Putting all our hope and faith in scientists and so-called virus “experts” will achieve NOTHING. They DON’T KNOW what to do. They have NO ANSWERS. They are BROKEN REEDS. ONLY Almighty GOD can fix this problem. HE is the ONLY ONE WHO EVER COULD!!!!!

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