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What Will You Do At Midnight? — 4 Comments

  1. Praise God. Wonderful words of encouragement to trust the Lord in the midnight hour. May the Lord bless you Sister Dana and your ministry.

  2. The word you declared ‘give satan an inch and he’ll take a mile’ was told to me word for word EXACTLY as you said it.  I have been God’s prophet since 1990 and going thru what he has called us to be and do for Him.  Thank you so much!

  3. Midnight hour is GOD`s time, this is written throughout the Holy Bible. Last night somebody gave loud gunshot. All in the neighbourhood must have heard it. My son heard it, too. I did not stand up, because this should awaken the police more than me. The enemy didn`t like it and manipulated then my cell phone again and switched on the light, that I was disturbed in sleep. But not enough. The noises in the boards started also, this is caused by the hidden bugs they have installed long ago. I took authority and rebuked the enemy, but I also prayed and opened the Holy Bible beside my pillow. I tell the truth: I opened Psalm 137 and my eyes read verse 8. GOD gave me then back the urgent needed sleep and I woke up this morning and started to praise. Paul and Silas prayed and praised at midnight. Next time I`ll be singing in the night again, though it may be mocked again. It was hard to type this comment without mistakes. Every sentence manipulated. What must these people are so helpless… They need God, they need deliverance. Many people have in their agenda “In God we trust”, but they trust in wheels, psychologic operative warfare and guns. Let us pray for the lost world.

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