What’s Going On?


I asked my son a few minutes ago, “Michael, what’s going on that’s good?”

He said “Nothing.”

So I answered, “I don’t think so, Michael, because you, Michael, ARE the good that’s going on.

You are playing the piano, you are writing music, you are playing music that you are writing.

YOU are the good that’s going on my son.  I love you, Michael.”

So, what is the good that’s going on in your walk with with the Lord?

To you, He is what’s going on.  He is healing, He is speaking.  He is revealing His love for you.

To the LORD, YOU are what’s going on.

You are calling upon Him, you are worshipping Him, you are obeying His Voice, you are receiving revelation, and you are glorifying Him with your whole hearts.

You have come to trust Who He is as God.

He takes great delight when you are taking delight in Him.


Thomas Downes

Link to Thomas Downes on FacebookThomas Downes.  Walking with the LORD for over 40 years, Thomas runs “The Voice of the Writer” a Prophetic Ministry.  His purpose is to present the Word of God and the Love of God with the prophetic heart; the heart that desires to hear the Voice of the LORD, and present His Word for the encouragement of others.

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