When God Separates Us


Because so many are getting hurt or feel insulted and sometimes don’t understand when God is calling persons who have worked together in ministry to separate, I asked God how can this process be more smoother and come forth without those involved feeling like they have been used betrayed or hurt by this process.

During the pass three months, I have had to counsel several persons who didn’t understand this process, when God is calling to people who have worked together, especially for a length of time in ministry, to now depart and go separate ways.

Many didn’t understand how to complete the process without it causing spiritual, emotional or mental harm and ruining long-term relationships and friendships.

For some reason, they felt like it couldn’t be God and that the enemy was using the other person to destroy them, their vision and their mandate.

Misconceptions are always produce when the carnal mind and flesh reacts before seeking the LORD about the situation.

When two persons of maturity understand that God is in control and that in ministry, God can cause them to sometimes have to depart and go their separate ways because their assignment is up with each other, or God is giving them new orders instructions and directions they can:

  1. Separate without confusion.
  2. Depart without angry or bitterness
  3. Yet remain friends with each other.
  4. Continue to fellowship among each other without animosity.
  5. Go forth without trying to tear each other down.
  6. Yet support each other endeavors without jealousy or strife.
  7. Keep the peace by shutting down wrong perspectives others may have about the situation.
  8. Not allow others to play one vision against the other.

For some reasons, people are not mature enough to understand that there are times when God calls for a separation, not because of a falling out, not because somebody is an enemy, not because somebody is jealous or trying to cause hurt or harm, but there is a time when God says to remain, would stop your growth advancement and elevation.

Sometimes God says it’s time to fly in separate directions, because you have been given a mandate that requires you to go into another direction than the other.

People, know that when God is in a departure or separation or disconnection, there is peace attached to it.  There should be no confusion, chaos, contention or involved.  No anger, bitterness or strife should be in the midst of it.

It’s when immaturity and intimidation are involved that you have warfare.  Those involved should be mature enough to know that God is sending them separate ways because of His will and it shouldn’t effect their friendship or relationship in the process.

It shouldn’t cause a fight, disagreement or a act of destruction from either person.  Love should yet be standing, respect should yet be there, and the ability to honor each other in ministry should be intact.  If not, then there was a problem there before the time of separation came!

God is love and everything He does includes love.  We should be following His example in the way we deal with situations and circumstances.  Let’s learn how to walk in love and grow in wisdom so that when the hard decisions and actions come, we can be mature enough to let the process that God is doing, happen in peace.

Then we can survive the season of adjustment away from the influence of the other person without allowing the enemy to bring forth negative feelings or actions on our part.

Growing in grace, maturity and wisdom is something everyone should learn to do!  Remember, God is not concern about our comfort as much as He is about His will being done.

One thing that the LORD has taught me that I can stand on is this:  Never let anybody become more important than Him.

He said to keep people in the right perspective and you won’t be devastated or destroyed when I have to remove them from you.

He said if you can’t continue on in life when you can’t function in life without them, when you are so hurt that you become bitter angry and unforgiving toward them, then you have made them your god or idol and have place them in control of your life.

That has stuck with me from the beginning of my walk with the LORD.  I may love a person, but I never idolized them or make them so important that I want to die if they have to leave my life.

Keeping people in the right perspective may make you seem unloving, but it safeguards your mind and heart from being destroyed, because you have made them more important than your own life.

During these years as a leader, many have come and gone, but one thing they can say is, I never stop loving God.  I didn’t allow anything to break me, where I couldn’t continue in life and that I never tried to intentionally hold anybody back from their purpose and destiny.

Did their leaving bother me?  Of course!  I was their leader and had a spiritual relationship with them, but I learned to be sad but yet be encouraged, because I knew God had both of us in His hand.

So people, when God calls for those whom you have worked with to have to move on, don’t fight them, don’t curse them, don’t try to discourage them or bullying them into staying.  Let them go forth and obey God.  If not, you may find yourself becoming a enemy to God by being a pharaoh over His people.

Remember, all souls belong to God.  They are not ours personally.  When you understand that part, serving them, leading them, covering them, becomes easy!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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