When My Glory is poured out

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Come to ME and breathe in My life

“Will you be My LOVE AMBASSADORS?  For I am looking for those who want to be LIKE ME.  I am looking for a few good men and women, boys and girls who are willing to pay the cost for a revolution of worldwide proportions!

My yoke is easy and My burden is light so you will not have to strive.  The awakening you have prayed for will come.  It will come amidst all the confusion and turmoil, but MY VOICE will sound above all the mighty waters.

My voice will be heard amidst the quiet spaces and the dark caverns of the earth.  NO matter where man runs he will run into ME.

For I am a jealous GOD and I will have no other gods before ME.  All that is wood, hay, and stubble will burn.  All that is meant for glory will be burned by the fire of MY LOVE, and transformed by My grace.  Come and buy from ME, gold refined in the fire.

I am your LOVING FATHER.  I run to you, so don’t run away from ME… just come to ME, and I will do the changing.  Lay down all your self sufficiency and rely on ME to see you through.

I tell you the truth; YOU MUST LEARN TO LEAN on your Beloved if you want to get through this time.  If you want to overcome, LEAN ON ME.  For I love you as no other loves you.

I will not betray your trust.  I am FAITHFUL.  I am the FAITHFUL ONE.  I will NOT leave you nor forsake you NO MATTER WHAT.  YOU ARE MINE, and I AM YOURS. Do not disdain My presence.

Come to ME and breathe in My life.   It is yours for the taking!”

When My glory is poured out

“When My glory is poured out, it will cause a breaking in the hardest of hearts and all the earth will know it is ME!

They will not be able to hide from My arrows pursuing them.  My arrows will be like heat seeking missiles.  I will wrestle with man and I will prevail!

But I will not break the one who is bruised and broken. Instead they will for once in their lives feel the true love of their FATHER, and they will be changed.”

God’s love to you all

God bless you and keep you and make his bright shining face to shine upon you and give you his shalom!  May He heal your bodies and heal your souls from the torments of the enemy, and destroy every stronghold the enemy has come against you with.  May The Lord bring every cell in your body into order the way he intended it to function!

And may He rout all infection of any kind, of bacteria, fungus, virus or man made devices.  May every compulsion fall away, may every wrong thought be given grace to be rejected.  May every pain go in the name and blood of Jesus, that you can fulfill what the lord has called you to do.

May He flood your body and soul with his light and destroy all darkness within our hearts that corrupts our thinking.  May revelation increase and take you into a new realm of his love and hope in his coming!  May He bless you and your family, your children and grandchildren with revelation of him, that they would never turn away from God.

In Jesus’ name!


~ Priscilla

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  1. I thank the LORD for what is doing through you. I read you post regularly.Thank your for your faith full service in ministering to the saints of GOD. May the LORD prosper your soul and your family members.