When the Armor doesn’t Fit!


It seems some things are coming to pass; some things, we never thought we’d see.  As some of us have grown older, we’ve learned, just how quickly things can change.  In a moments notice, your whole life, without warning, can go in an entirely different direction.

You receive certain news, and things are never the same again.  Even when you know and expect certain outcomes, it’s never reality until that moment it speaks.  We’ve never been here before; it’s never been like this.

It’s quite clear, that many are not ready for this time we call, the last days.  I see us putting our trust in men; turning the music up and playing all of the games.  Entertainment, seems to have trumped everything.  Being made to be comfortable, hanging out with your own group, always feeling good and feeling full, seems the way to go.  Who needs armor?

Some of us, without meaning to, have been trying to deal with some issues; in our own way.  We have all lived in an atmosphere of “self-help” for so long, we often feel, that there is nothing we can’t do.  Everything is solved in an instant; the latest technology lures us into thinking, we can handle it all on-line.  But, it’s not working in our personal lives; and it’s not working in our spiritual lives.

The term “whole armor of God” sounds antiquated.  Unless we are truly reminded of why we need it.  Words like, “that ye may be able to withstand the wiles of the devil.”  We are wrestling with things in the physical, that can only be solved in the spiritual.  There was a false lull that came, when someone said, we should not even mention the devil or things negative.

Knowing and recognizing your real enemy; not being ignorant of his devices, was no longer needed.  No need to be wise, if you’re not really watching.  Today, as never before, there is one thing we need to remember, if we can’t recall anything else.  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood.

Why be making waves, when so many want to be left alone; they do not want to be stirred; they are where they want to be.  Why worry about some kind of armor?  It’s this comment.  “That ye may be able to withstand, in the evil day.”   What about this day we are living in.  There are not enough carnal weapons to fight the spiritual battle that is upon us.  If one cannot see that, we’re likely already deceived; or we’ve waxed cold and indifferent.  The armor David was given, did not fit him.  It belonged to someone else.

The armor too many have exchanged for something easier to wear, does not fit the task that is before us.  Perhaps we’ve put our trust, in the wrong things?

Are we ready to stand?  Are we sure?  What quenches all of the fiery darts of the wicked?

Some of us, have been trying to fight things on our own.  We can’t do it.  What is going on in this world, is only going to be won, in the Spirit.  True Peace will not come, until He comes riding on a white horse with all the host of heaven behind Him.  In the mean time, we’re going to have to withstand some things; whether we want to or not.

The whole armor of God, is the only way to do it.  That’s not religious talk; it’s survival.  We can stand; no matter what.  But we must have on the right gear.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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