When The Dark One Hides

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But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use, have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.  In a kind way, there is no gift of discernment.  But there is a gift of the Spirit, that is properly named, discerning of spirits. Not every person, has this gift of the Spirit; it is scattered throughout the body of Christ, given by the Spirit, as He wills.  It is the discerning, of all spirits.

According to the scripture above, true discernment, comes to all those who are of full age; those no longer still taking milk.  Every last person who is full of the Spirit, praying in the Spirit, walking in the Spirit, doing their best to hunger after and follow the Spirit, has discernment.  They have so many spiritual abilities; and they exercise these abilities.  You do not have to have that particular gift of the Spirit.  That gift sees all spirits, knows all spirits and sees much more in depth in that realm.  They can be in the pew, as well as in the pulpit.  But all of God’s people, should be discerning things; always.

The fact that the Spirit imparts some people with certain gifts, and not others, should not be of concern.  We all have our own kind of gifts, our own place in the body of Christ.  We do not have to know everything there is to know about things; but, we do have a built-in sensor that will tell us very clearly, is something is wrong or not; if it is of the Spirit or not.  It’s part of the package.  But, it does not come to those who remain babies and who cannot take strong meat; no matter how long they have been in church.

The gifts of the Spirit, have a price.  I’ve heard folk say, oh, I want that gift.  The idea of being able to see so much about spirits, sounds like a most wonderful thing; it’s not always true.  First of all, you see things, that most people would not believe anyway.  When we judge things by only what we see on the outside, we will often be in error.  The idea, that some, even in authority, are not at all what they appear to be, doesn’t set well with many.

Even just sensing something is wrong, by the Holy Ghost, can protect us.  All saints who are full of the Spirit, will know, what is of God, and what is of man.  For example, their senses, can tell when something doesn’t sound just right; when something seems off, and doesn’t ring true.  Many, have tried to suppress that in God’s people; that is against the Holy Ghost.  It seeks to deny everyone, their full Spiritual rights; making them feel less.  In this hour, we must depend on the Spirit.  The Spirit, knows, what is real.

When The Dark One Hides

Some years back now, I was invited to visit a smaller church in a rural community for a revival service.  There were about a hundred people there.  The service had already started and the people were standing and singing.  I stepped in close to the back on the right side, next to the aisle.  I was kinda glancing around at the group to see who all was there; like we would normally do.  Everything appeared normal.

About three rows from the front, on the left side, next to the aisle, stood a man of about average build; probably middle aged.  All of a sudden, he appeared to turn and look back at me; but, his head rotated in almost a 180 degree angle.  What stared at me, was the head and face of a wolf; the eyes were black.  That thing spoke to me, and said; “I know who you are. I am not afraid of you.  I am protected here.”  The service went on as usual, but I could sense that there was no move of the Spirit there; it was like it all was flat somehow.  I left sometime later, after the preaching had begun.

Why am I telling this; the Spirit has a message.

Jesus saw demons in so many people; they cried out when He came around; He cast them out.  He sent the disciples out, and they did the same thing.  The apostles continued the same spiritual practice; and so did we, in the early days of the church here.  So, ask yourself, why did we stop seeing them in our services as we once did.  Did Christ say, the time would come when it was no longer of any necessity.  Over time, something changed.  Did the enemy stop coming to church anymore.  No, he started hiding in among us.  How could he do that.

When we suppress the manifestation of all of the gifts of the Spirit in their totality, and do not allow the ministries that God set in the Church, to function fully as He meant, we suppress discernment.  The scripture says, that those who are full of the Spirit, can discern both good, and bad.  But they grow in that, by using this discernment and STAYING full of the Spirit.  Praying in the Spirit, fasting and studying God’s Word and intently following the leading of the Holy Ghost, produces a true Spiritual awareness in us.

Why do we think, that God put the gift of discerning of spirits, in the church to begin with.  The dark ones learned, that they could do more damage and prevent a move of the Spirit, by remaining silent; doing their work under cover.  A watered down spiritual ability, and all of the other works of men that we see today, causes spiritual blindness, and a sense of lull and ease.  There is a rude awakening coming.  Satan’s time is short.  The church will see again, what the early church saw.  Darkness, no longer fears exposure.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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